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    Jobs for M.Sc. (Biotechnology) completed students?

    Jobs for M.Sc. (Biotechnology) completed students?

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    Re: Jobs for M.Sc. (Biotechnology) completed students?

    hii...This is a master degree course in Biotechnology so it is obvious that this will give you more chance to getting jobs in this field.This degree can establish you in professional world.I am providing you the list of core sectors for biotech after pursuing Msc.
    1.Environmental specialist
    2.Food processing industry
    3.Agriculture industry
    4.Horticulture industry
    5.Pharmaceuticals companies
    8.Research labs
    9.Scientific Content Writer
    10.Cross Breedars
    11.Chemical Industry
    12.Biological waste solutions
    13.Agro Industries
    14.Bio Energy Plants etc..

    Name of some companies:
    I am providing the list of some private companies.
    1.Albany Molecular research center
    2.Nektar Therapeutics Ltd.
    3.Mithros chemical
    4.GVK bio sciences
    5.Indigene pharmaceuticals
    9.Ranbaxy pharmaceuticals
    10.Biomax Life Science
    11.EPR Pharmaceuticals
    12.Lauras lab etc..

    Government Sectors and companies:
    Following are the government sectors in which you can try for job.
    2.research labs
    3.Biomass fuel recreation department
    4.PSUs for Biotech and medical institutes
    5.All India biotech Association
    6.Biotech Consortium India Ltd
    7.Rajiv Gandhi center for Biotechnology
    Best of Luck

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    Sandeep Yadav Sandeep Yadav is on a distinguished road
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    Re: Jobs for M.Sc. (Biotechnology) completed students?

    Now a day there is also too much scope of the bio-technology students. And you have the master degree in this field then sure you will get the good career in this field. You have both job option private sector as well government sector. Now this depend on you in which side you want to go. I will suggest you to apply in both sides which ever you will get the job that is better and then try to get in your interested field.

    Scope of bio-technology in India: India is a developing country and in this country every things has good scope if you are willing to find the jobs then you will find the best place here. In India there are also lot of companies are present which will provide you the good job. You should be eligible to get the job in these companies.

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