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    Jobs for B.Tech students in ECE? Can i have part time job?

    i am 4th year of b tech depatment of ECE.
    can i any any part time job
    without any investment from me it may be any type which suits my grauation

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    Re: Jobs for B.Tech students in ECE? Can i have part time job?

    What sorts of jobs do you want to do?
    There are various part time jobs which you can do-
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    Jobs in call centers
    Radio Jokey
    Tuition teacher(take this profession only if your concepts are clear)
    You could also apply for lab assistants in schools.
    Primary Teacher
    Railway jobs like for the post of TC
    Lower division clerk
    Data entry operator
    By learning stenography(for about 6 months) you could become a stenographer.
    Lower Division Clerk, Govt. Jobs In NIPCCD
    Data Entry Operator In Universities

    Any job(even part time) will take much valuable time of yours and surely your b.tech will be affected because of it.
    But if you have access to net at home, you can work on forums like these. These will not only enhance your present knowledge but will also provide you money.
    Also the forums like these are the best ways to earn money while pursuing your education. Not only you earn money out of these, but by answering different questions u also gain very much knowledge. One more thing, you get to know about the present scenario of various things as you answer different questions and for most of the answers you yourself have to make a search on the net.

    Also, I don't think i also have to mention that, your General knowledge and awareness also enhances through these forums.

    Any other job with curriculum would require a lot of time plus you will be completely exhausted maintaining a balance in your job and college.

    Also there are opportunities for you as a content writer. In that you would be hired by a company and you would be given a target of writing about their product in different blogs and sites and accordingly you are paid. This is also a good option for you as a part time job.

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    Cool Re: Jobs for B.Tech students in ECE? Can i have part time job?



    1. U must be citizen of India.

    2. Candidate age limit 21 to 30 yrs.

    3. U must complete graduation in Engineering.

    4. Candidate must 60% marks in Engineering.

    5. U must have software skills.

    List govt jobs:-

    "> IAS.

    "> IPS.

    "> IES.

    "> IFS.

    "> SCRA.

    "> CDS.

    "> BSNL.



    "> ISRO.

    "> DRDO.

    "> BARC.

    "> NTPC.

    "> NIC.

    "> SAIL.

    "> BHEL.

    "> BEL.


    Private jobs:-

    =: TCS.

    =: CTS.

    =: IBM.

    =: WIPRO.


    =: YAHOO.

    =: SYNTEL.


    Salary: Rs.20,000 to 70,000 per month.

    good luck

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    Re: Jobs for B.Tech students in ECE? Can i have part time job?


    After completion of BTech in ECE you can get the job for supervisor in manufacturing plant of Electronics devices , assembling units, and many more .
    you can also work as developer in different companies.
    here I am suggesting some list of companies the offers job opportunities for the ECE students.

    10. CIL

    most of above companies offers their seats based upon the GATE score. so, try to get good score in GATE examinations.


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