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    Jobs available for B.Tech (Biotechnology) degree holders?

    i will be passing out this year , after having done my b.tech in biotechnology and am in the look out for jobs in lifesciences . could nyone please assist me with any type of relevant information.

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    Re: Jobs available for B.Tech (Biotechnology) degree holders?


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    Re: Jobs available for B.Tech (Biotechnology) degree holders?

    B.tech biotechnology jobs in Pharmaceutical company not eligility his only BSc Msc B pharma MPharm.student yaa employ want after exp also this type happen then u susjest me which field right jobs is there
    I am working on pharmaceutcal company in quality control deptment but right now very difuculty to change the job every company no want b.tech biotechnology employs his tell ur over qulification salaryis not matter only jobs is matter

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    Re: Jobs available for B.Tech (Biotechnology) degree holders?

    Hi Dear

    Biotech is a growing sector after information technology.

    So, as a B.Tech. biotech student, you are eligible for government as well as privet sector job.

    The privet sector job includes the positions in industries working in the field of

    Pharmaceutical manufacturing
    Health care services
    Research product manufacturing
    Pollution control and waste management
    Food processing units
    Research lab instrument manufacturing and marketing.

    Some of the companies are

    Biotech India
    Biotech Support Services
    Care Biomedicals
    Indo-America Hybrid Seeds (India) Private Limited
    Dr. Reddy's Laboratories
    Life Science Technology
    Microbax (India) Limited
    Amersham Biosciences
    Avestha Gengraine
    Ocimum Biosolutions Limited
    Serum Institute of India
    Scigenics India Private Limited
    Amersham Pharmacia Biotech Asia Pacific Limited
    All India Biotech Association
    Biotech Consortium India Limited
    Biotech Equity Research Group
    Indian GMO Research Information System
    Brainwave Bioinformatics Limited

    In government sector you can find job in research institutes/universities/autonomous bodies

    as scientific assistant/lab assistant/technical assistant/field assistant/scientific officer/chemist

    All the best.

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    Re: Jobs available for B.Tech (Biotechnology) degree holders?

    Hello Sir,
    This Keerthi ,a B.Tech Biotech graduate my intention is to gain experience in research by working in any of the universities.But notifications for b.tech\'s are very less compared to msc\'s in lifesciences.Is it right on my part to apply for a job in case they\'ve asked for Msc student.please clear my doubt...



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    Re: Jobs available for B.Tech (Biotechnology) degree holders?


    These are following Jobs available for B.Tech (Biotechnology) degree holders-----------------------

    1.Biotech Equity Research Group
    2.Research product manufacturing
    3.Dr. Reddy's Laboratories
    4.All India Biotech Association
    5.Food processing units
    6.Scigenics India Private Limited
    7.Pollution control and waste management
    8.Microbax (India) Limited
    9.Biotech Support Services.

    Best of luck
    thankyou ............

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