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    Jobs after completing B.Tech in Biotechnology

    plz suggest me ... jobs after completing btech in biotechnology .... plz suggest ...

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    Re: Jobs after completing B.Tech in Biotechnology

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    plz suggest me ... jobs after completing btech in biotechnology .... plz suggest ...

    If you want to make your career in Biotechnology thn you will have to pass intermediate with Physics, Chemistry and Biology, from a recognised school.

    You can do B.Sc. in Biotechnology.

    Indian Institute Of India also offers the course of B.Tech in Integrated biotechnology.

    Biotechnology is fast getting importance in India, as many companies worldwide are considering India as a good place for research and development. Moreover India has got great scientific mind also.

    B.Tech in Biotechnology can find good jobs for you.

    List of the public and private companies for jobs ~~

    Hindustan Lever Ltd.,

    India vaccines Corporation,

    National Botanical Institute,

    Tata Engineering Research Institute,

    Biocon India Ltd.,

    American hybrid Seeds,

    Hindustan Antibiotics


    Cadila harmaceuticals


    Dr. Reddy’s Labs

    Job types for Biotechnology professionals ~~

    You can find jobs in Pharmaceutical companies, in laboratories, in universities as lecturer, agricultural companies, Research and development companies etc.

    There are several types of jobs , which are there for you like –

    Science writers

    Research Scientist

    Quality control officer

    Sales and marketing

    Bioinformatics executive

    Laboratory Technician

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    Re: Jobs after completing B.Tech in Biotechnology

    My dear friend there are so many jobs after completing the B.tech in biotechnology ,Because in the global world

    now the diseases are increasing very vastly as ( Cancer , AIDS ,Blood Cancer ,Blood Presser ,Depression ,Heart

    failure ) and also so many other problems are occuring in the human body to control them we require better

    medicine facilities and drugs but that can be produced by increasing the Bio-technology field at a large and very

    qualitical scale so that we can produce better drugs ,Antibiotics , Antiseptics , Antialergics medicine and making a

    big change in our technology and producing better quality in the field of biotechnology ,so that the jobs will also increase in this field .

    The jobs in biotechnology fields -:

    ** You can join any company as a bio-technical engineer in the related industry .

    ** You can also join any company as a trainer in the biotech field if you have experience about 5 years and good communication skill .

    ** As a industrial research developer .

    ** In the drug designing and manufacturing

    ** Can join as quality control analyst .

    ** Clinical data specialist .

    ** In the Bio processing .

    ** Chemical bio processing and agriculture development

    ** can also join the government research institutes and development organisations .

    ** You can also join any collage as a assistant professor .

    The companies that you can get a jobs are -:

    Thapar group of industries

    Hindustan Liver

    Indo American hybrid seeds

    Bincon India limited


    Indian vaccines corporation

    Sun pharma

    Thanks have a nice day .

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    Re: Jobs after completing B.Tech in Biotechnology

    B.Tech biotechnology candidates have a huge scope in biotechnology and healthcare field.
    they can get a job in many private and government companies of this field.

    Some companies that regularly recruit Biotechnology graduates are-

    Nicholas Piramal
    Wockhadrt Limited
    Bharat Serum
    Krebs Biochemicals and Industries Limited
    Zydus Cadila
    Indian Immunologicals
    Shandong Yino Biotechnology Ltd
    Polyclone Bioservices
    Automed Systems Pvt. Ltd
    Genohelix Biolabs
    Biotecnika Info Labs Pvt Ltd
    Hindustan Antibiotics Ltd.
    Karnataka Antibiotics & Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
    Bharat Immunologicals & Biologicals Corp. Ltd.

    with graduation in biotechnology, you are also eligible for food inspector and drug inspector post.
    you can also get a job in FDI.

    good luck

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    Re: Jobs after completing B.Tech in Biotechnology

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    plz suggest me ... jobs after completing btech in biotechnology .... plz suggest ...

    Hello Aspirant,

    Biotechnology is a new emerging subjects for youth in order to get good job.It is nothing but technology based on biology,especially when it is used in agriculture,food science & medicine.
    It is basically themanipulation of organisms to do practical things and to provide usefulproducts. Biotechnology deals with the directed usage of organisms for themanufacture of organic products like beer and milk products.

    Eligibility:-Students passed +2 with Physics,chemistry & biology are eligible to join B.Sc in biotechnology.

    Scopes:- Biotechnologists may find job in drugs & pharmaceutical companies,chemical Industry,food industry,Public funded management,waste control,Environment management etc.

    They can be posted as
    Lab Technician.
    2. Research Associate.
    3. Research Scientist.
    4. Engineer (Chemical, Electrical, Environmental and Industrial).
    5. Sales Representative.
    6. Marketing.

    Pay-scale:-B.Sc in biotechnology may get Rs.10,000 to 12000 per month.

    The course is available in almost all the university.

    Good luck.

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    Re: Jobs after completing B.Tech in Biotechnology

    As you might be knowing that today bio.technology is the most prominent field of genetic processing and drug designing.The future prospects are very good in India as well in foreign countries. This sector promises to employ 5000 personnel in the next 5 years.

    Companies involved in research and development programs related to human beings and plants. You can also enter into health and service sector. As a fresher you'll be getting a salary of about Rs.12,000/-. A master in biotechnology after graduation would bring you in the eyes of company and it will also increase your chances to get a higher salary job.

    The various jobs which will be offered to you after doing this are-

    ~Biomedical Engineer
    ~Biotechnology Laboratory Technician
    ~Biotechnology Research Associate
    ~Clinical Research Associate
    ~Crime Lab Technician
    ~Quality Control Engineer
    ~Quality Control Analyst

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