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    Jobs after completing B.Sc. (Physics) degree?

    Jobs after completing B.Sc. (Physics) degree?

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    Re: Jobs after completing B.Sc. (Physics) degree?

    Bsc. Physics graduates can find numerous job opportunities in both private firms as well as public sector organizations (such as DRDO, NTPC, ISRO and many more). They can work as a Physicist, scientist, Researcher, Radiologist, Lab Technician, instruments operator etc.

    Job opportunities after Bsc.(Physics) exist in the following areas:

    -> Research institutes

    -> Public Funded Labs

    -> Scientific instruments designing and manufacturing industries

    -> Power generating companies

    -> Defense sector

    -> Aviation department

    -> Universities/colleges

    -> Construction and builder firms

    -> Automobile industries

    -> Electrical power plants

    -> Thermal and Hydraulic plants

    -> Gas Turbine plants

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