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    Job opportunities for Bio Medical engienering

    i have taken maths bology group in 12 . can i study bio medical engineering? what are the job oppurtunies after studying it ?

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    Re: Job opportunities for Bio Medical engienering

    Surely , you can go for Biomedical Enginering,it has a very wide scope outside India, In india its still developing.
    There are three main areas that a biomedical engineer may work in:

    • research;
    • industry;
    • The National Health Service (NHS).
    If you choose to go into research, your career path will typically involve a PhD in biomedical engineering, followed by a role at a university or academic institute as a lecturer and/or researcher.
    If you wish to work in industry, you can go into a job after your degree and work towards becoming a chartered engineer (CEng). Senior posts may offer roles in management, research, technical advice, quality assurance, production or marketing. There may also be scope for international work if a company has branches outside of the country.
    A career path in the NHS has a clearer structure in the early years after graduation. The main bottleneck occurs as graduates compete for a small number of pre-registration clinical scientist training posts.

    good luck.

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    Re: Job opportunities for Bio Medical engienering

    You can definitely pursue bio-medical engineering and be a bio-medical engineer after having bio in 12th.
    Generally Biomedical engineers apply engineering principles and materials technology to healthcare which include researching, designing and developing medical products, such as joint replacements or robotic surgical instruments, designing or modifying equipment for clients with special needs in a rehabilitation setting.

    Job titles vary depending on the exact nature of the work. As well as biomedical engineer, other terms that are used are bio-medical engineer, design engineer and clinical scientist (in a hospital setting/clinical situation).

    So as i mentioned, there are a lot of fields in which a bio-medical engineer can work. So don't worry about taking this as your carrier as it has great future ahead !

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    Re: Job opportunities for Bio Medical engienering

    Biomedical engineering field is growing rapidly concerning great pay and growth prospects.if you are realy keen to persue your career in biomedical engineering then you can pursue a variety of career paths in research facilities,Universities,Businesses, Hospitals and government agencies else you can obtain advanced degree.

    Biomedical engineers are employed by following sectors such as;
    Pharmaceutical companies,
    Medical device and testing companies,
    Government agencies,
    Universities, and Medical schools.


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