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    Job opportunities after B.Com Accounts as well as in BBA?

    I have done my graduation in B.com accounts(Hons.) as well as in BBA, then currently I am doing MBA from a good reputed college as well as doing MCA( correspondance) side by side as i wanted to have a technical hand also and i am doing well in both. what kind of job i can get with these qualification. will I get high salaried job.?

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    Re: Job opportunities after B.Com Accounts as well as in BBA?

    Yes you are well qualified for a high salaried job in many of the Top Leading companies & For following jobs:

    Marketing manager: You'll work with sales and art departments, plus PR teams to analyze product demand and determine selling and pricing strategies. It's a field closely related to advertising, and also includes elements of financial analysis.

    Management analyst: This is a consulting field where you'll provide feedback on how to improve an organization's structure, efficiency and profitability. Many employers prefer to hire analysts who have an MBA.

    HR specialist: A master's helps distinguish the best human resources professionals, particularly those interested in training. HR specialists directly affect employee productivity, and therefore, an organization's success.

    Financial adviser: You don't need an MBA to enter this field, but having one could ease the transition to management, plus assist in securing more clients and building trust with your existing base.

    Financial manager: Strong financial managers have fine-tuned communication skills, and a talent for making complex, sometimes unpopular choices about operations.

    IT manager: This occupation intersects leadership and analytical skills with technical experience.

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