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    Job having backlogs in B.Tech

    i want d job but i m having backlogs in btech

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    Re: Job having backlogs in B.Tech

    allah_99_names.jpgit means that you still have backlogs or you mean that you had some but have cleared the rest?
    look if te case is second one then you need not to worry as to see now your graduation in complete and you have born into an engineer!
    so any where , where there is a vacancy for the engineer then you can surely apply their with the fullest of your skills and ability.

    you should really work very harder on a few areas as such:

    -perfect subject knowledge
    -language skills
    -decent body language
    -practical skills

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    Re: Job having backlogs in B.Tech


    Yes,you have chances to get a job.But it is better to clear backlogs of your b.tech course because most of the companies asks to not have any backlogs at the time of interview process.So clear those subjects. Along with that improve your communication skills,reasoning skills and also brash up your core subjects fundamentals for getting job.

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    Re: Job having backlogs in B.Tech

    See, no private company that would come in your campus will recruit you unless your backs are over. The condition of back is one of the most important criteria among the various eligibility conditions of almost every company.

    But this doesn't means that you cannot appear in their interviews. They demand for dead backlogs i.e. by the time of your interview if you are able to clear your backlogs then your candidature will be considered.
    Also if you are thinking of public sector then also you should have completed your b.tech with all backs cleared. Then only you can apply for the various exams and tests like GATE through which you can get public sector jobs.

    Now, as i mentioned above if you are able to clear your backs then you can apply in any company and sit for either on-campus interviews or the off-campus interviews.
    Depending on your stream, companies will recruit you.
    If you want specific details of the company in which you can get selected, please mention your stream after this post.

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    Re: Job having backlogs in B.Tech

    see ,dear as you have a backlog , so getting a job trough on-campus placement will be difficult for you.
    as many companies that visit colleges for recruitment , have criterion , that there should not be any live backlog.
    some companies even ask that the candidate should never have backlog in four year of B.tech.

    so first you should clear your back paper and then apply for a job in companies through off-campus placement.
    make sure that you have a B.tech aggregate of 60% in B.tech.

    some companies where you can approach for a job are-

    Tulip IT Services Ltd
    Zenith Computers Limited
    Sonata Software Ltd
    D-Link (India) Ltd.
    Mascon Global Limited
    3i Infotech Limited
    WeP Peripherals Ltd.
    Computer Sciences Corporation India
    Philips Innovation Campus
    Xansa India
    Canon India Pvt. Ltd.
    TVS Electronics Ltd.
    Infotech Enterprises Ltd.

    good luck

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