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    Job availability being final year of B.Com?

    Iam in final year b.com.i want to do job.is any job available

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    Re: Job availability being final year of B.Com?

    B-com is a good course which has lot of job opportunities across India. Every company requires an accountant, hence you do not have to worry.

    Following are some of the career opportunities for a B-com graduate :

    (a)Accountant :
    This is the main field into which all commerce graduate goes. It is better to join in a small organization first, so that he can learn all the accounting practicals from there. In big companies, a person will be assigned to do only one section of the accounting job. He will not be able to learn the other sections. Therefore it is better to start from a small company.

    (b)Jobs in Banks :
    This is also a related job but to get a job in a bank, your brother will have to pass an exam conducted by the bank or government.

    (c)Administrative Jobs :
    A graduate in any field can look for administrative jobs. This will gain him experience. If required, he can pursue higher education as well.

    good luck

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    Re: Job availability being final year of B.Com?

    You can do following after B.Com. :-

    > You can apply for IBPS exam to get jobs in banking sector.

    > You can apply for CDS exam too get jobs in defence sector.

    > You can apply for railway jobs.

    > You can apply for civil service exam for IAS, IES, IPS, etc.

    > You can do MBA of 2 years to become a manager.

    > You can do LLB of 2 years then LLM of 2 years to become a lawyer.

    > you can do Bachelor in Library Science of 1 year to become a librarian.

    > You can do MCA of 3 years to get jobs in software company.

    I hope this information will help you a lot.

    All the best..........................

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    Re: Job availability being final year of B.Com?

    There are various job opportunities for the graduates of B.com. The major employers graduates like you are banks and financial organizations.
    The main employment areas for those who have completed graduation in Commerce are mentioned here. Banks
    Budget Planning
    Business Consultancies
    Educational Institutes
    Foreign Trade
    Industrial Houses
    Inventory Contro
    lInvestment Banking
    Merchant Banking
    Public Accounting Firms
    Working Capital Management
    Policy Planning
    Public Accounting FirmsTreasury and
    Forex Department

    If you want a job in public sector then you should prepare well ans get good scores in exams carried out by state PSC, UPSC or SSC.You can get in to the finance section of any of the firms operated under government. Public sector jobs offer security along with good salary and perks.

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