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    How will i get Industrial Training in Automobile sector?

    i am an automobile 3rd year b. tech student. how will i get an industrial training in automobile sector. please help me.

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    Re: How will i get Industrial Training in Automobile sector?

    Hello Friend,

    Industrial Training Provides better Technical Knowledge over the desired field which improves Knowledge towards the Automobile Sectors.

    But, Being in 3rd year of B.tech you're not eligible for Industrial training in None of Automobile Industries. To, get Industrial training you must needs to complete your 4th year of academic course.

    Then, After your Engineering Institute will Provides you Some Industrial training in Automobile Industries as many Companies were Providing training for Students but, they were selected from Institutions.

    Now, you can attend Automobile workshops, Summer training Courses which will Improves Knowledge about the field.

    I recommend you to register with MetaWingGroups who provides better workshops and Industrial Trainings.

    As, on Completion of B.tech(Automobile Engineering) you want to go for direct Contact with Companies for Training. As you can eligible for:

    Ashok Leyland Ltd
    Mahindra Motors
    Bajaj Auto Ltd
    Ford India Pvt Ltd
    Hyundai Motor India Pvt Ltd
    Tata Motors
    Nissan Motors etc....,

    As, you can apply for PIP(Proficiency Improvement Programs) after Completion B.tech which was Organised by Automotive Research Association of India.

    It will be good for you by pursuing any short-term courses like Applied Thermodynamics, Mechanics

    Hope you Understand, Thank you..............

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    Re: How will i get Industrial Training in Automobile sector?


    Thank you.Currently Toyota has introduced TTTI(Toyota Technical Training Institute) where you will be able to do industrial training in the subjects like Mechatronics ,automobiles etc.At present it is only for students from Karnataka. For more information visit the website:http://www.toyotabharat.com

    Thank you.

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