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    How to search for jobs being a Mechanical fresher?

    i like to know what's the way of searching jobs for a mechanical fresher .......

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    Re: How to search for jobs being a Mechanical fresher?

    Dear guest,

    If you have completed your degree in mechanical & you are trying for job then you can post your resumes on any of job providing websites, read one of the best news papers called as " EMPLOYMENT NEWS" , which gives information about job availability in different companies.

    The other sources where you can find jobs are as given below
    1) search engines
    2) news papers
    3) social networking
    4) In campus interview (If your college provides)

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    Re: How to search for jobs being a Mechanical fresher?

    Mechanical stream is one of the core branches and you have a good chance of getting jobs in core filed itself. MNC's and other top level mechanical companies notifies about their job openings through their websites and other job portals. As a person who is in search of jobs, what you have to do is to register in some good job portals online.

    The first step is to prepare a Resume for yourself. A resume shows yourself. There are certain tips that you should keep in mind while preparing a resume.
    >> Resume should be company/stream targeted. When you are looking for a job in mechanical stream, you can give emphasis to your academic projects, seminars, industrial training's etc than computer skills.

    >> Its your chance to market yourself. A Resume should show others why they should select you.

    >> Make everything to the point. An employer who may be going through several resume may be looking at yours for just 2-3 min. So you should be able to make an impression within this short span of time.

    After making a resume, allow some expert in the field of placement functionality to check your Resume.

    The next step is to join some good job portals. Post your Resume and update your profile. But keep in mind that join only 3-4 job portals and enable job notifications through sms and emails. naukri.com, monsterjobs, timesjobs etc. are some good indian job portals.

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    Re: How to search for jobs being a Mechanical fresher?

    Hello Dear

    Searching for a best suitable job is no more a problem now a days as internet is the best medium for getting such kind of important information.Also Newspapers,Magazines and consultancies are really doing a great job in helping people like you to get a job.

    There are many sites now a day’s which help you out in finding jobs and even some websites doesn't even require you to visit the websites regularly as they provide S.M.S based notifications.Here is the list of few important websites











    This Newspaper is published weekly.You will get only on Sunday in any bookstore or stationary shop.This Newspaper gives a 360 degree approach to a wide coverage of the latest govt job details.So please subscribe to this.


    Now a days consultancies are also becoming popular because of placement.You have to look for a genuine consultancy in your locality and should become a paid member in that.These consultancy become a medium between the organization and people.So before enrolling in any consultancy , you make sure that they are genuine,otherwise it will of no use.

    I think I have given you enough details on this.Anyways best of luck for a bright future.


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    Re: How to search for jobs being a Mechanical fresher?

    Being a fresher best way to get a job is get it through recruitment process in collage. Every collage provide some oportunities to their student to being select in campus recruitment process of their collage.Because it comparatively easy to get a job in collage as compare to ways.
    But if unofrtuniatly some one will not get it through recruitment process in collage then do the following things.
    1 Daily read the clasiffied section of the news paper as all government and private sector vacancies is are issue in that section of the news paper.
    2 join some portal on internet like
    they provide you information regarding lattest vacancies avilable for you.
    other than that rojgar samchar is also a good option.
    by following this you can search for a job. But in parallel do your prepration for the interview and compititive examination. it will help you to perform well when you get a chance.
    ya one more option is
    4 GATE exam if you had appear in GATE exam and you are gate qualified then you can directly sit into interview conducted by various government companies.

    so good luck for your future.

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    Re: How to search for jobs being a Mechanical fresher?


    You are a mechnical engineer student you also apply many company and

    All Company coming your colg and decide your salary package placement exam based.

    Its depends your capability and knowlegde and you gain 65% in B.tech final

    year.Everything depend your percentage marks so prepare well and get a job in good

    company .you apply direct company job you apply after get 65% marks in graduation

    degree.you apply bhel infosys and hcl and many more company you get job.


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    Re: How to search for jobs being a Mechanical fresher?

    searching jobs for mechanical freshers:
    -first of all register your latest cv on major job portals like naukri.com, timesjobs.com , monster etc and apply for all the relevant jobs from there.
    -Send your updated cv or biodata to all the job and placement consultants
    - check the local newspaper for jobs vacancies
    - check employment news everymonth for govt jobs vacancies
    - send your resumes to your friends and seniors who are already working in good companies etc

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    Re: How to search for jobs being a Mechanical fresher?

    If you have completed your mechanical engineering course then you should apply for the government as well as in the private sector jobs. You have some options from there you can find the mechanical jobs.

    Options to find the job:
    From campus: the best way to find and get the job is the campus if the companies are visiting on your college/university or any other colleges then you should apply them and then you should give the interview and other process which they are demanding then you can get the job. This place is considered the best place to find the job.

    From Newspapers: in every type of newspapers the recruitment notice is also published when there is any vacancy opens. So if you are reading newspaper daily then you should check regular and find the all government and private sector jobs.

    From Internet: web is consider the another best place to find anything specially jobs. On the internet you can find the entire national as well as all the international jobs. You should simply type your question which you want to find on the Google, yahoo etc. search engine you will definitely find your answer.

    From website: now in this era of science and technology there are some website are present from there you can find all type of jobs on a single website by sitting at your home. In website you should register yourself and when there will be any job posted you will get the notification. There are also some websites are present where you can upload your resume and the company which look you resume can directly contact to you. Here I am giving such type of website list-


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    Re: How to search for jobs being a Mechanical fresher?

    Hey pal,
    Since Mechanical engineering is a core branch, so you are certainly eligible for the core companies. So I would insist you to do a job in any of the core companies rather than joining some IT sector company. There are many core companies for Mechanical engineering in India. Following are the list of such companies:

    Hindustan Motors Ltd
    Hyundai Motors India Ltd
    Mahindra & Mahindra
    Royal Enfield Ltd.
    Addison & Co. Ltd.
    Ashok Leyland Ltd.
    Axles India Ltd.
    TATA Motors
    Sundaram-Clayton Ltd.
    Tractor and Farm Equipment (TAFE)
    Tube Investments of India Ltd
    Jindal Steel
    Steel Authority of India Limited(SAIL)

    I would advice you to upload you CV in some websites like naukri.com, monster.com, jobs4u.com, timesjob.com, etc. Also keep reading the newspapers for having the update about any kind of vacancies in any company of your liking.

    Further I would also suggest you to complete your M.Tech, as it will be helpful for flourishing your career.

    Best wishes..

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    Re: How to search for jobs being a Mechanical fresher?

    hi friend,

    being a mechanical engineer and being a fresher you need to upload the resume in the top job portal websites.






    the top core comapnies for mechanical engineers are as follows.


    tech mahindra

    jindal steel






    toyota etc.............

    hope the information is helpful for you

    all the best
    regards srilekha

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    Re: How to search for jobs being a Mechanical fresher?

    Dear friend....

    Dont worry...

    there are several ways to find the jobs...

    1. from Newspaper....

    read newspaper daily...
    specially advertisement section...

    good newspaper are ...

    Times of India
    Hindustan Times
    The Hindu
    The Mid Day
    Dainik Bhashkar

    2. from Magazine....

    especially yellowpages....

    3. from Internet...

    from blogs...
    search the required job in google

    you will have lots of result...

    4. fron job portals

    there are so many good job portals are available...like....


    5. from social media...

    so many of companies now day come on social media for searching good candidates...

    my space

    hope this will help you
    thank you

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    Re: How to search for jobs being a Mechanical fresher?

    hi you are mechanical fresher and you have no job right now.do not worry about it.presently due to rise and fall in market, there is problem of getting job in different sectors especially private sector. you are searching for job and you want to know about how to search for the jobs: 1. take employment news in which you cn get the details of the vacancies of public sector jobs and those which will match you apply for it. 2. upload your resume to different company web sites which recruit mechanical candidates. 3. not only employment news many other news papers of different languages are there where you can search for. 4. log on to www.freshersworld.com where you can get the information about the latest jobs. 5. you can submit your resume and details to different consultancy services though they will charge some fee. 6. you can submit your resume to naukri.com,shinejobs.com,timesjobs.com,monster.com etc. 7. you can also check social sites like FACEBOOK. ****** do not give any money to the strangers for your job.each and every company recruit through examinations.you can never get direct entry. wish for your best

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