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    How to prepare for Infosys campus recruitment?

    How to prepare for Infosys campus recruitment?
    Comprising of two rounds
    1 General aptitude.
    2 HR
    I have got less than 10 days.
    Please give me necessary tips on how to prepare for it.
    Thank you.

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    Re: How to prepare for Infosys campus recruitment?

    for the apti round...i don't think you could improve your apti greatly in a span of 10 days...however you could try solving a lot of quant from books like rs aggarwal...and other things....once you get through the apti round which is generally considered as an elimination round...you move to the next which is the hr round...in this round they want to select you and not reject you..so be prepared for questions like tell me about yourself...what are your strengths and weaknesses...there mite also be some tricky ones like...what to do you know about yourself..that others do not know about you....name 3 of your favourite movies..and reason it out...name 3 fav novels..and reason it out...hope you ace the interview...all the best

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    Re: How to prepare for Infosys campus recruitment?

    Hello Friend,

    To prepare well for infosys campus recruitment you have to go through the company's website to know
    about their history, culture, work ethics etc and the persons involded in the brand Infosys. You have to
    prepare with online CBTs and CSR magazine for Infosys aptitude test. You should satart preparing well for
    the GD. Ask your friends to co-operate with you in this matter. GD is all about making your point of view clear
    to the other's so you need a lot of practice. During the GD you should stick to your point of view and never
    insult your opositions. Your technical skills should be sound enough to be able to withstand the technical round of
    interview. You should be confident of your ability and everything else will take care themselves. Best of luck.


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    Re: How to prepare for Infosys campus recruitment?

    Hello Friend

    you will prepare the following one


    in this the top you have to know alphabets and their number perfectly.

    It will help you to complete very fast in any question.

    Quantitative aptitude.

    In this you have to qualification fast and then working problem take some time to solve.


    The very important subject is English if you know vocabulary very well in this topic

    The Grammar is controversial so you have to know the very will about grammar other wise you haven't perform very well.

    First they will conduct the written exam

    You have to perform very will in the written exam you have chances to qualify the job

    Then you will face the Group discussion and interview means technical interview and personal interview.

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    Re: How to prepare for Infosys campus recruitment?

    Don't worry about the aptitude test. It is very simple and you will also feel relaxed after giving it.
    This test is taken before the main one mainly for two reason-
    ~ First reason is to check whether the students thinks the same way that would help the company to grow i.e. to check the aptitude and your thinking skills.
    ~ Second reason is to ease out some pressure from the students before the main test.

    Now talking abut the HR interview part.
    It totally depends on yourself or rather i should say it totally depends on how you carry yourself in an interview. Your
    ~presence of mind,
    ~way of taking,
    ~your nature (whether it is aggressive or a bit diplomatic),
    ~the way to handle pressure
    ~and your knowledge.

    For clearing this round you need to be prepared for this well before the main interview. the most general questions that are asked during an HR interview are-
    • Tell us about yourself?
    • What do you know about our company?
    • Why do you want to join our company?
    • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
    • Where do you see yourself in next 5 years?
    • Why should we hire you? , and many more such questions.
    So be prepared for questions like these and try to plan best answers of such questions well in advance. This will help you a lot and will also boost your confidence during the interview.

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    Re: How to prepare for Infosys campus recruitment?

    Preparation needed for the Infosys Campus recruitment :-

    1) General Aptitude , you can read from R.S.Aggarwal book . This is a Good one for General Aptitude .
    As well as read all the Previous question papers of the Infosys

    2) Generally , the main questions in the H.R Interview will be asked which are given below . You shouldbe Good at all the following topics

    * You should know well about your self details . Any company recruiters will ask About your selfdetails.

    * You should mention your Hobies clearly in the Resume . There will be more questions regarding your Hobies . They concentrate on your Hobies .

    * Make sure that your Objective shouldbe in 2 lines . It shouldnot be morethan 3 or 4 lines .

    * You should have perfect reason for why you want to work for Infosys . You can say that , As Infosys is one amongst the Top I.T companies in India and all over World , so want to work for Infosys to develop my Technical skills

    * You should be confident , if the H.R asks whether you are Flexible to work anywhere
    You should say yes for the question

    * You should be confident , if the recruiter asks you whether you are flexible to work in the Night shifts or not
    You should say yes.

    --) There will be Technical interview round for you in Infosys . You shouldbe well prepared in your Software course which you have learnt

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    Re: How to prepare for Infosys campus recruitment?

    Hello my dear friend ---------

    Tips to prepare for Infosys Campus Recruitement :

    First browse the company profile for Interview. Most of the Questions are asked from the Revenue and Employees

    ,machine and Vision of the company

    Then Be confident to get tnto Interview

    There are generally four Rounds according to the Recritment

    a) Written Test

    b) Group Discussions

    c) Technical Interview

    d) HR

    For Written Test you have to focus on the General Aptitude and Basic Computer courses

    Then after quaiied for the Written test the candidates have a chance to enter into the GD

    For GD Listen the topic carefully and if that topic is known to you Start initilization otherwise memorize or thinking about

    the topic and respond later as a second or third member

    After that In Technical round you are asked by the questions about the computer knowledge on C, C++,and Java

    In HR generally asked about your personel deatils and interest on this job

    That is all

    You will definitely get a Job in INFOSYS

    Good luck

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    Re: How to prepare for Infosys campus recruitment?

    Hi friend,

    As you are left with no time.

    The Book that i would recommend for you to prepare for general aptitude is:-

    Quantitative Aptitude by R.S.Agarwal.

    And for Hr interview :-

    Prepare well the courses that you have learnt.

    Learn more about your strengths and weaknesses.

    Give him the examples about your strengths and weaknesses so that he can understand and believe you.

    Be confident in answering everything he asks you.

    Be gentle and have a smile on your face.

    Hope i have helped you in getting the relevant information.

    All the best

    Thanking you...

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