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    How to prepare for getting good jobs in Software field?

    I m still having one year MCA course,so please tell how do i prepare for getting good job in software field??

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    Re: How to prepare for getting good jobs in Software field?

    so please tell how do i prepare
    An Overview

    You should know about the selection procedure for preparing for the same. You should train your skills according to what they are looking in the candidates.
    The first stage of selection will be a written Aptitude Test.

    There will not be any technical hurdles in the software selection exam. You need a thorough preparation on your aptitude skills. This will examine your skills in Quantitative analysis, verbal reasoning etc.

    Selection Test

    Practice makes man perfect. Aptitude can be cleared by mere practicing. You should prepare one month before campus recruitment. Those who clear the exam will move on to the next stage.

    Companies will shortlist candidates from aptitude test based on the company requirement. There will be a Group Discussion for some companies. Companies like Infosys don’t have a group discussion.

    Interview stage

    Communication skills and team working spirit are commonly analysed through GD round. The selection from group discussion will be the sole discretion of the moderator.

    The final stage in the selection process will be a HR interview. Don't bluff in the interview about anything personally. An HR expert will interview you and the Resume will be your highlight.

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    Re: How to prepare for getting good jobs in Software field?


    After MCA ,you have good opportunities in top companies
    Most of top IT firms are giving good opportunities for MCA and B.tech graduates.

    From 4rd year onwards you can apply for jobs.First you need to prepare for the selection process which are conducted by IT companies

    Basically IT companies conducts the following rounds:-

    1)Written test
    2)GD (Group Discussion)/JAM (Just A Minute)
    3)Technical round
    4)HR Round

    -> Written test(Aptitude test) is the important test,where most of the candidates are eliminated from this round.You need to prepare a lot for this test.

    -> You need to practice aptitude questions daily.You can practice these questions from R.S Agarwal book and www.indiabix.com.
    -> In this website ,you can practice topic wise.

    ->Strong technical knowledge,excellent communication skills are also mandatory for IT jobs.

    -> For MCA graduates ,project is very important.Concentrate on this.

    ->And finally register on following sites for getting jobs information:-


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    Re: How to prepare for getting good jobs in Software field?


    Many software companies seeks candidates who have strong technically knowledge, good communication skills, and some knowledge in current affairs.

    To get job in software concerns, first u need to apply for the companies which calls the students for direct walkin interviews.

    # To apply you need to register in some forums which intimates you about the job offers in the companies.

    1. Your Resume plays a very vital role in the process of short listing. Your resume should be very formal and it should give first impressions to your interviewer

    These are the links which gives you some basic knowledge on how to prepare resume
    www.wikihow.com › ... › Work World › Job Search › Resume Preparation
    jobsearch.about.com › ... › Resumes › Resume Writing

    2. Next is the interview process, which has many round to go which checks your ability , your inbuilt skills and your attitude.
    Aptitude test: This covers all the qualitative and quantitative analysis, verbal and logical reasoning, sometimes comprehensions and
    some technical questions.This may be a written tests but some companies conducts through online.
    Written technical test: Only few companies conducts this test to test your technical knowledge. Mostly it checks your programming skills.
    Group discussion: This round checks your communication skills and the knowledge on current affairs. To clear this round one should
    have good fluency in english. You are checked whether you are a good team worker or a good leader or a good
    Technical round: Here the interviewer checks your technical and coding skills by asking you some questions related to your core subjects. Many of the interviewers ask the candidate to write some coding to check your technical ability.
    HR Round: This is the final one. Here the HR asks you some general HR questions and he tries to know about you by asking some queries. A genuine, bold and a confident answer with a smile helps in clearing this round.

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    Re: How to prepare for getting good jobs in Software field?

    how know about communication skills in interview,it essential?

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