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    How to prepare for Campus recruitment for Infosys?

    hiiii sir/madam iam studying B.Tech final year in electronics&instrumentation

    we will have campus recruitment in next month like Infosys and
    TCS.could you say how to prepare for those?

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    Re: How to prepare for Campus recruitment for Infosys?

    Both Infosys and TCSs are software companies and so their eligibility criteria is almost same for recruitment of students from various colleges. TCS has a slightly higher criteria than Infosys but nearly its the same. Below I am providing you the basic criteria fulfilling which you can appear in the written exam of the companies and if you clear that then you will be called for the interviews.

    1)Candidate should secure minimum of 60% in the total academics i,e, in 10th,12th,graduation and in post graduation(if any)
    2)Candidate should pass in first attempt only in the academics.
    3)No backlogs are allowed
    4)Maximum two years gap in the academics is allowed

    For the interview your concepts and presence of mind would matter rather than your mugged up knowledge. You should have complete knowledge about the company's profile. You should present your ideas in such a way that the interviewers think that you are with the policy of the company and they treat you as an asset for the company.

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    Re: How to prepare for Campus recruitment for Infosys?

    see dude..first you should understand that infy..cts and tcs are all mass recruiters...that is they recruit in large numbers from every college..especially if you are in an engineering college doing your btech...some mass companies also do not even ask for a cgpa cut off..it is only that your college imposes the minimum cut off even for mass recruiters..now let us get into actually what do they ask for...normally .

    1. you will have aptitude..round...for mass recruiters...the cut offs for this round would be very very low..basically simple 10th std stuff..and easily be able to clear...then comes the GD..as in Group discussion...here you would have to immediately initiate the discussion and shout your point out....if you have to get through this round...people would be all over the place and shouting...hence..initiate quickly and say your point loud and clear

    2. then depending on your branch comes..the tech/hr round...sometimes..the tech and hr would be sitting together....for circuit branches...and cse branches...preapre your technical stuff and go..as they would be asking you tech stuff....if you are good in tech..hr would simply nod his head.to you....for non circuit branches....like mech...it depends on your luck...some mite just talk lite....about how's coll and coll fees and all..and some mite be asking u tech stuff...so it depends on your luck...but mostly everyone would get through..

    3. also nowadays..these mass companies are all asking for something called nac test...this is an online exam which you will have to take...they would be checking your verbal..apti and tech score..only (>60%)...so all the best do well

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    Re: How to prepare for Campus recruitment for Infosys?

    For the First round you want to prepare the Aptitude
    Generally R S agarwal book is useful...
    Second round will be the Group discussion for that you must improve your communication skills
    by reading daily news papers and communicating with others in english..
    Third is HR round may be they will ask genral question as well as Technical questions
    For that learn any one languages like C,C++,Java etc..
    They will ask basic questions from these only..

    all the best

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    Re: How to prepare for Campus recruitment for Infosys?

    My dear to be selected in the campus interview for the Infosis you should have the following Qualification -:

    Having the knowledge about the hardware and software .

    Having the graduation from any software course as B.tech from computer and Software engineering .

    Having the designing skills of software .

    Having ability to develop new softwares .

    Having the knowledge of the some of the programing languages as -:




    Should have good communication skills .

    Should also be conducted with changes in the daily products of international market .

    Should have better behavior and communication with co representative .

    Should also have the grip on the some of the basic concepts of software and its testing .

    Thanks have a nice day , After fulfilling these conditions you can easily get a good job in Infosis .

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    Re: How to prepare for Campus recruitment for Infosys?

    Infosys is the MNC's companies which has been conducted the on-campus and off-campus selection process for the recruitment of best students under the B.tech degree students

    Infosys company job post eligibility :

    >> passed the 10th or 12th with atleast 60% marks
    >> passed the bachelor degree in engineering or MCA with atleast 605 marks from any recognized university '
    >> your communication skill must be good
    >> you must be good in analytical and logical ability
    >> your technical knowledge must be good in related engineering degree

    Selection process :
    1. Technical written test
    2. Technical Interview
    3. HR Interview

    for more details : wwwinfosys.com

    thank you!

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    Re: How to prepare for Campus recruitment for Infosys?

    Hello Friend

    i giving give the exam patter you have follow this

    1.Aptitude reasoning test

    In this section have give the 30 questions.

    And the time duration for this exam is 40 minutes.

    2.Verbal ability

    The number Questions will give in this section is 40 questions.

    The time duration for this section is 35 minutes.

    The aptitude reasoning test pattern is distributed in to 6 different topics with 5 questions each as

    1.picture reasoning.

    in this section, a series of pictures are given which may consists of Picture series picture analogy or picture classification.

    2.Statement Reasoning 5 questions.

    In this section, sequence question like seating arrangement or money distribution on or height arrangement are given.

    3.Data sufficiency 5 questions

    Here a set of two statements are given followed by 5 options which satisfy the answer for the statement.

    4.Data interpretation 5 questions

    This section consists of a direct sequence of 5 questions based on the data which is provided in the form of table charts , bar charts , pie charts or line charts.

    5.Relation problem 5 questions

    this section consist of questions which are similar to the sets and relation like students with biology maths physics and chemistry maths and biology, only physics etc.

    questions are related such.

    6.Syllogism 5 questions.

    This section consists of statement followed by two conclusions.

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    Re: How to prepare for Campus recruitment for Infosys?

    In campus recruitment the selection process will be the following

    1. Aptitude test
    2. Technical interview
    3. Personal/HR interview

    In aptitude test you will be tested the thinking ability like reasoning ability and analyzation
    For this you have to prepare quantitative aptitude & reasoning ability

    In technical interview you will be examined your technical skills
    So you should have good knowledge in computer languages like C, C++, Java,. NET...etc.

    In personal/HR interview the interviewer examin the following

    Communication skills
    Leadership ability
    Working capability
    Your mental status
    Ability to interact with others

    So you have to develop the above qualities to get a job in campus placements

    All the best

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    Re: How to prepare for Campus recruitment for Infosys?

    Hi Friends,

    The TCS and Infosys are MNC Software Companies.
    Eligibility Criteria:

    ** Must have minimum 60% throughout career.
    ** Must have Good Communication skills.
    ** Must have technical programming skills.
    ** Able to solve analytic problem.
    ** There is no backlog.
    ** New innovative thinking.

    Preparation for Interview:

    ** Solve more problem in analytic skills.
    ** Read clear basic concept for technical subject like C, C++, JAVA, MySql/Oracle, CSS etc.
    ** Prepare some program that are regularly asked in most interview.
    ** Be Confident.
    ** Speak at Good Communication skills.
    ** Better to talk with eye contact.

    Selection Process:

    ** Written test
    ** Technical round
    ** HR round

    All the best........


    Pattusamy G

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    Re: How to prepare for Campus recruitment for Infosys?

    Hello friend,

    As you asked how to prepare for the campus recruitment of Infosys..

    Here are the details regarding you question ...


    Here are the eligibilties for Infosys ,


    Education :

    Any Bachelor Degree

    AGE :

    21-30 years

    Percentage :

    60% in SSC

    60% in 12th

    60% in Graduation

    Selection Process :

    -> Written test

    -> Technical round

    -> HR interview

    Preparation :

    -> First know about the company

    -> concentrate on the programming knoledge

    -> Concentrate on the core subjects

    -> Develop a good communication

    -> Refer aptitude books

    -> Refer logical and reasoning books

    -> concentrate on the verbal and non verbal communication

    Hope this information is useful to you


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    Re: How to prepare for Campus recruitment for Infosys?

    In campus recruitment most of the companies have similar recruitment process like

    1) Written test
    2) Technical interview
    3) HR interview

    In written test , there are objective type paper having questions in the sections of
    Numerical Reasoning

    For the preparation for written test you have to download the previous year recruitment papers and solve it so that you will get the knowledge of paper pattern and type of questions.

    In Technical interview mostly basic technical subject related question will be asked.

    For this you should have to prepare below subjects.

    Various programming subjects like c,c++,java,php,.net
    Data base
    Data Structure
    and so on.

    For the preparation of HR interview one have to ready for the answers of basic questions.

    So start the preparation because you have left not much time so go fast.

    Thank you....

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    Re: How to prepare for Campus recruitment for Infosys?

    infosys is india's leading software company, it conducts on campus recruitment as well as off-campus recruitment mainly for indian students with bright records

    for getting a job in infosys ,you need :

    must have completed graduation degree

    must have minimum 60% throughout

    must have a good comunication skills

    must have a good analytical skill and logical ability

    must not have more than 2 gap year

    must not have any backlog pending

    selection process :

    technical written test

    technical interview

    hr interview

    good luck

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