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    How to perform well in the GD-PI?

    How to perform well in the GD-PI?

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    Re: How to perform well in the GD-PI?

    To perform well in GD and PI you need to have the below skills:
    >> Excellent Communication skills
    >> Excellent Interpersonal Skills
    >> Good knowledge about the topics of Current affairs and also some other Topics of importance, so as to put your point in the GD
    >> Also in the GD company looks for candidates who takes some initiative to engage all in discussion.
    >> Also candidates should put his point in a precise way and also let others to speak.
    >> In the Interviews you should have knowledge about the technical knowledge about your subjects
    >> You should have brief knowledge about your state where you live, city where you live etc
    >> Questions are also asked from current affairs
    >> Also your confidence is looked in both GD and PI

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    Re: How to perform well in the GD-PI?


    To perform well in GD and PI :

    ->Social entrepreneurship is an important quality

    ->You must know all current affairs

    ->You must be able to control the group with your voice and idea

    ->Subject knowledge is also considered in the PI so you must able to share your ideas about the depth of the subject

    ->You must not pretend anything, you must simply be yourself in the GD-PI

    Thank you.

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    Re: How to perform well in the GD-PI?

    Hello Friend,

    GD(Group Discussions) and PI(Personal Interview) were most Important stages of hiring a job. First of all many Organizations were Conducts GD for face to face interview with other people to get out the Communication skills of the Person can be Understand by Interviewers.


    Usually, GD helds between 10-12 members for screening of aspirant where a Topic will be given and asks for their views and Solutions to overcome the issues in topic or how good it was for Environment must be clarified by aspirants in GD

    Communication and English skills were going to play Prominent role for successful GD. Apart from these you should also have to maintain some special qualities to perform well in GD.

    > Keep looking at every one while saying out your view and you must concentrate on all other people in GD team other than Interviewers.

    > Be Louder and Clear at What ever you're speaking.

    > Don't be lazy, that someone would start the topic and you Continue never think like this, Go Start the topic and Volunteer yourself and be Polite towards others.

    > Allow Others to Participate in GD and listen to their views. If any Objections then Pleasingly Understand them by Expressing your views.

    > Don't feel Uneasy be Comfortable and Confidence.


    HR Conducts these interview to know about Personal qualities and Strengths of aspirant to get hired. Mostly, Interviewers look for well desired quality persons for recruitment.

    Aspirant must please the Interviewer with his/her smart answers whether it was right or wrong just answer it in your way and present it by good Communication skills and it's not that you don't know the answer then just not sit simple engage them with your Communication skills.

    > Know about the Desired Organization and Job description which you were going to attend Interview and other Company background details some them may asks questions related to their organizations.

    > Don't be in Rush take your time to be Comfortable relax and be calm yourself and answer the questions politely.

    > Be Confident about your answers whether it's right or wrong nothing matters. Avoid YES or NO answers Clarify the answers to interviewers.

    > At, Last of Interview ask the Interviewers some questions related to Organization which will shows your Interest about the Career.

    > Most Importantly Dress up well which looks like Professional as the first impression is the best impression.

    Hope Info helps to you, Thank you.........................

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