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    How to perform IAS preparation while doing full time M.Tech degree?

    i have done ma b.tech nd deeply interested in doing IAS ....so take electrial engineering as an optional subject in ma mains ...i have joined Madeeasy nd start preapring for GATE ND Psu. nd start to prep for IAS on my own...but now frustration come to so much time .Preparation for both the things is nt upto tht mark....nw i thinking of getting focus on gate to admit into full time M.tech course and prep for IAS together...so i want to askdoing full time M.tech is reallya a hard job so tht i can prep for my IAS exam?

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    Re: How to perform IAS preparation while doing full time M.Tech degree?

    Dear Guest,

    It is good to know that you have set your sights high. However, both M.Tech and IAS are extremely tough to prepare for, especially IAS. IAS requires a student to put in about 12-14 study hours every day. This in my opinion is not possible to achieve while doing M.Tech.

    I suggest that you either prepare for GATE or for IAS, doing both together, would not be doing justice to either one. Make a choice and concentrate on that course only. You could appear for IAS after you complete your M.Tech. You are eligible to appear for IAS till the age of 30 years.

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