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    How many years it takes to complete B.Arch?

    How many years it takes to complete B.Arch?

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    Re: How many years it takes to complete B.Arch?

    B.Arch is a Bachelor Degree Program of 5 years (including Training) after (10+2) with PCM with minimum of 55% in 12th.
    In this course you will get the knowledge of Architectural/Structural Design aspects of systems like buildings, bridges etc.

    You can take admission for B.Arch through various entrance test like IIT, AIEEE or, State level JEE after 12th.

    You have to prepare well for these exams with good preparation in PCM papers. You can take admission in best coaching centers like Akash Institute/ Resonance/ Time etc. They provide good study material & good guide for the best preparation for your exam.

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    Re: How many years it takes to complete B.Arch?

    Hello Friend,
    Architecture Bachelor degree in India has great scope in future In Construction sector, Interior Designing sector etc....,

    As Duration For B.Arch was 5 years, As the course will be 3 years and another 2 years you have to practice the work by registering with Architect council.

    Eligibility to get admission for B.arch:

    1) The candidate must posses +2 with 50% marks with Maths as compulsory subject.

    2) The person must have to appear for NATA(National Aptitude Test In Architecture). Based on that score admission will be given.

    3) By taking IIT's, NIT etc...., entrance exams also can seek admission into B.Arch

    4) Fee for course will be approximately Rs. 45000/-

    Diploma holders were also eligible to seek admission for B.Arch.

    Hope you understand, Thank you.

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    Re: How many years it takes to complete B.Arch?

    dear friend,

    B.arch is a architechture programme which has great scope in today's world as each company or any popular builiding first requirement is an architecht that can design their output.

    An architecht generally work in the field of design and structuring the various kinds of builing whether for private purpose or for public purpose.

    Architecture is an engineering programme, offered by certain colleges of india or of abroad and it is a most popular programme and have great scope to in designning the structure of various kinds of different buildings.

    B.Architecture is a 5-years graduate programme after your intermediate or 12th from science stream with PCM as the core subject and you must also have a minimum of 55-60% marks to get a good and reputted college of INDIA.

    There are several colleges in india, that give admission to various candidates to provide them graduation programme of B.arch but to get enter into any college ,you must have to appear for an entrance exam that may lead you to good and reocgnised and reputted college of INDIA.

    Entrance exams for B.Arch :

    NATA etc.

    B.Arch college in INDIA :

    best o fluck !!

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