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    How many job options are there for B.Sc. (Informatics) graduates?

    How many job options are there for B.Sc. (Informatics) graduates?

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    Re: How many job options are there for B.Sc. (Informatics) graduates?

    Hello Dear

    See there are ample opportunities for you in the market.But patience and hard work is all required to achieve the best.So don't worry.Keep trying and start improving your communication skills which is a very important factor in corporate world.Your role is gonna be somewhat more technical rather than managerial.So in-depth knowledge over the subject is very much necessary.Anyways lets come to the topic.You can try in Some of the Major Government wings like Indian Railway,Indian Postal services,Indian revenue services,central excise office,Income tax dept etc also do require candidate from commerce stream.You are eligible for any of these jobs also.But remember that the jobs in these sectors are more managerial oriented rather.So communication skills will definitely come into play here.

    If you are interested in defense sector then may be the options will increase for you because now a days there are always frequent requirement of graduates from B.C.A, M.C.A. and M.B.A,B.Com,B.Sc etc in some major sectors like N.D.A, D.R.D.O, C.I.D, I.A.S civil service, I.P.S etc.Remember these kind of jobs are really very challenging.Also you won't be able to crack them in a single attempt since they are difficult when it comes to syllabus and other factors.

    Now I would be providing you important details regarding Banking sector jobs.Well you would be wondering how can a B.Sc graduate could get a job in Banking industry.To be honest the trend has really changed in the recent years.Now a days more number of youths are getting attracted towards banking sector because the banking jobs are very much prestigious, less painful and tensional.Moreover the perks and emoluments after salary is really mouth watering.To your surprise, there is no 60% criteria kind of a rule for entry level position in banking industry.So start preparing for Probationary Officer , Clerical Cadre, Administrative Officer,Office Assistants,Assistant Manager ,Technical Officer , Specialist Officer kind of posts.To know more on banking jobs go the website of IBPS.Well let me tell you IBPS is individual body responsible for conducting a wide spectrum of activities in personnel selection both for promotion within and recruitment and selection from outside the organization. Today, IBPS has become a body providing integrated end to end solutions for human resource management of Banking organizations.The following link will provide all the details of IBPS and current job related exams.

    LINK - http://ibps.in/html/background.htm

    I hope my information would sure help you in redefining a better future.Best of luck.


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    Re: How many job options are there for B.Sc. (Informatics) graduates?

    After B.Sc you can have many options to get the job. According to your interest you can apply for the government and private sector jobs.

    Job options for graduates: according to your qualification you can apply for the following jobs-
    1. BPO
    2. Government jobs
    3. Defence
    4. Banks
    5. Railway
    6. Police
    7. Private sector jobs
    8. Research
    9. Business
    Where to find the job: this is very difficult that is there any place where we can get all these type of jobs. Now a day there are lot of websites are running where you can upload your resume and that organization will contact to you if they are interested with your resume.
    You can post your resume on the following websites-



    You can also find the jobs related to your profile on the following websites-




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    Re: How many job options are there for B.Sc. (Informatics) graduates?

    Hello Friend, After completing your degree in IT i.e B.sc IT, you can join any of the following: Computer related jobs are everywhere, In 1, Banks 2. Railways 3. Schools 4. Colleges 5. Designing Companies 6. Post offices 7. AirLines 8. Govt. Offices You can join any one from these. All clerical work is done by comuters. If you have great knowledge about graphical designing, programming languages, OS.. then you can join one of the best company to get job related to this: 1. IBM 2. TCS 3. Infosys 4. HP 5. Dell 6. CTS 7. Microsoft 8. GOOGLE 9. HCL 10. Wipro Wish you all the very best.....

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