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    How is m-tech helpful in gettin job?

    Aftr B.E in eee how does mtech help to find a govt job?or how does it help find anyothr job?is m-tech is mandatory for software field?

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    Re: How is m-tech helpful in gettin job?

    My dear after the M.tech you will be a perfect specialist of your proper field after M.tech you will not only an engineer .

    Then you will become a perfect engineer that can direct go for any high profile job in your field and be eligible to apply for also in M.N.C. directly .

    But if you are not a Post graduate candidate then many of M.N.C. requires a experienced person in that field with minimum one or two years .

    Also you will be first prefer in any company over a b.tech candidate when you will go for a job because you have some extra Knowledge .

    After M.tech specialization you can also direct approach for the post of project manager even if you have some part time experience .

    After Post graduation you can apply for -:

    I.E.S. ( Indian Engineering Services ) which have power equal to an I.A.S.




    I.F.S. , If you are interested in government jobs for abroad then you can apply for this service .

    You can also apply for the I.S.R.O. ( Indian Space and research Organization )

    All the private companies will also prefer you for a good job and at a better post .

    Good Luck .

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    Re: How is m-tech helpful in gettin job?

    Dear friends,

    Advatages of M.tech:
    1.you will get stipend while studying.
    2.to get a chance to study in institutes like IIT,NIT,IIIT,MIT,VIT & some autonomus institutes.
    3.Average annual salary better than graduate student.
    4.get a chance to work in some good government companies.
    5.chance to work for R&D department.
    6.you can join Ph.D programme.
    7.finally you have one more advantage like
    you will have to chance to become a lecturer
    Hope this will help you............

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