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    How to get recruitment in RAW in India?

    Hello sir,

    I am deepak chhetry from assam, India, and an Indian by birth ... Sir from my childhood I am very interested in intelligent group like CID, RAW....

    Sir now I am 22 years old and wanted to join RAW... Therefore it is my request to the RAW TO INFORM me how can I join it ? What should I have to do for that ? The procedures of recruitment, the basic pay , hour of duty, time of work in details.. Please...


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    Re: How to get recruitment in RAW in India?

    Dear Deepak
    I am sorry to tell that RAW doesn't recruit directly through giving notifications in newspaper etc,But they offer job to selected candidates of upsc,army ,air-force etc.However recently they picked some directly from the colleges and universities,there is no direct procedure for joining RAW ,You Should first become a graduate (if not till now) then apply for upsc Air force etc and then you can get chance of being selected in RAW.

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