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    How to get a job in Tata Sky for 12th passed punjabi speaking students?

    how to get job in tata sky for punjabi speaking12th pass?

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    Re: How to get a job in Tata Sky for 12th passed punjabi speaking students?

    12th pass is the basic qualification for most of the jobs now a days. There are job opportunities for 12th pass students with expert knowledge in regional languages.

    Call center jobs
    As a public entertainment company, Tata sky also requires call center executives. Candidates with knowledge in regional language can apply for job in there state itself. But in most of the cases, call center requirements are outsourced. This means that the call center of the Tata sky may be managed by some other call center firm. So, the recruitment's are carried out by these firms directly.

    Front office staff/Sales trainee
    This is another option for candidates to get regional jobs in Tata sky. But becoming a front office staff or sales trainee requires knowledge in more than one language. Knowledge in Hindi and English is mandatory is some regions. So, if you are used with these languages, you can apply for the job.

    Keep updated with newspapers and other dailies regarding the notifications by the company. They normally publish the requirements in dailies.

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