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    How to get a job in instrumentation field?

    I did not qualify in GATE .Without that is it possible to get an instrumentation engineer job? I did B.tech in Electronics & Instrumentation and passed out in july 2012 with 69 %.

    Please help me out to find a way to get into core company without a jack.

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    Re: How to get a job in instrumentation field?

    here is one job known to me and its info is as follow

    instrument Technician

    Job Location: Boisar, Navi Mumbai (New Mumbai)

    Job Description:

    Maintenance & calibration of all types control valve, i/p converters, motor operated valve & solenoids.
    Calibration of all type transmitters(pressure transmitter,flow transmitter,temperature transmitter,level transmitter).
    Maintenance & calibration of RTD & thermocouple.
    Maintenance & calibration of level switches, pressure switches & Temperature switches.
    Maintenance & calibration of level transmitter (radar type, capacitance type & displacer type.)
    Maintenance & calibration of all types pressure gauges,temperature gauges.
    Basic knowledge of Boiler & drum level control system.
    Basic knowledge of electronics.

    Functional Area: Skilled Labour/Technician

    Functional Role: Technician

    Candidate Requirement

    Transmitters : fuji, rosemount, yokogawa, honeywell, foxboro & taylor.

    Calibrator : loop calibrator- druck, druck temprature calibrator.

    Communicator : hart

    Controllers : process controller: abb, omron, eslag bailey, taylor, mesibus digital controller, etc.

    Control valve : fisher, damela, valtek, mill controls, masoneilan etc.

    Experience jof process instrumentation & control for selection, installation & commissioning.

    Measurement techniques of parameter like temperature, pressure, flow, level.

    Job profile :
    Calibration of vernier caliper, micrometers, pressure gauges, vacuum gauges, temperture controller / indicdtor, dial temperature gauge, all type of. transmeters, solenoied valve, control valve, p.r.v.

    Nature of work
    Calibration and servicing of transmitters,

    Pressure switch, level switch thermocouple and rtd and loops checking from field to control room..

    Experience: 1 - 3 years

    Qualification: I.T.I(instrument mechanic)

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    Re: How to get a job in instrumentation field?

    After completion of you are INSTRUMENTATION Engg. you are having very much opportunity in almost all Automation industries,processing industries,chemical industries,bio-medical instrumentation.

    With increase use of automated system in industries, the need for qualified instrumentation engineers has also gone up. Instrumentation engineers can get jobs in R&D units of public and private sector companies.

    They are also required by the Heavy industries such as Thermal Power Stations, Steel Plants, Refineries, and Cement and Fertilizer Plants. They have a multidisciplinary role to play.

    One may choose to move sideways into other career areas either within or outside their industry. This might include areas such as purchasing, sales, marketing, finance, HR, IT or general management. They also find jobs in companies manufacturing specialized instruments as well as in the user.

    All the best

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