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    How to get information about off campus recruitment and their procedure?

    i am a final year b.tech student. How do i apply for off campus placements in companies like CTS,Wipro,L&T,HCL etc ? I really am clueless... pls do help me.. how do i get to know the information regarding wen and where these off campus recruitments take place? and wats the procedure?

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    Re: How to get information about off campus recruitment and their procedure?

    See, there is not one site which provides information about all this. You have to take a look at different official sites of different companies.
    Like if you want to apply for the interview of TCS then you have to visit their official site from where you will get all the information regarding the venue, time and date of their interviews. They also provide the full eligibilty criteria so that you can prepare yourself accordingly for them.

    Similarly you can check for different companies like Wipro, L&T, HCL, Infosys etc.

    Also the details of interviews of big companies like those mentioned above come in the leading newspapers from where you can easily check the various needed details.

    You can apply for TCS has Along with TCS Next step. TCS(Tata Consultancy Services) is connected to students all across the country. You can register to the TCS and apply for the recruitment through its official link-


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    Re: How to get information about off campus recruitment and their procedure?

    for off campus drive you need to be very much alert because you yourself would have to keep all related information and then apply.
    look if you have a list of few companies in your mind that you aspire to work with then you need to visit their sites (you can easily Google their sites).
    with due patience , please search if there are any recent company opening for your course that is if they have initiated a step for the recruitment of the b.tech of this year.
    if you find then click on it , read the full details and if you full fill all the criteria , terms and conditions there , then apply.
    there would be lick to download the application form as well and hence you would be able to apply.
    later they would let you know..
    moreover you can ask your placement coordinator to keep in view on these sites and other companies for sure he/she knows better and if they find any opening related then they can even post about it on any of the social networking site that connects you all.
    good luck!

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    Re: How to get information about off campus recruitment and their procedure?


    Now a days ,you don't have to wait for off campus or on campus. There are many company websites where you can apply for the job related to your educational qualifications and skills you possess. Follow the following steps to apply for a job:-

    ->Select the company where you want to work

    ->The company you select will have their respective website ,Go to that website.

    ->Read the section: 'careers' , 'about us'

    You'll get a clear idea about the company and careers very well.Career section will consist of details about careers available in that company,Job Application form and also about the college recruiting information. You can also do some internships during your final year which will be very useful while you go to interviews.Find about internships using this link:-

    Thank you.

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    Re: How to get information about off campus recruitment and their procedure?


    You can know the latest off campus recruitment details with the help of below websites:-

    Recruitment Procedure of IT companies :-

    -> Most of the companies follows the same procedure.IT companies conducts the written test first,candidates who clear the written test will be eligible for the second round i.e, Technical round (some companies conducts technical interview,some companies conducts technical written test) and finally HR round will be conducted for selecting the candidates.

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    Re: How to get information about off campus recruitment and their procedure?

    Hi friend,

    There are many websites available to know the information about off campus recruitment notifications.You can know the off-campus recruitment by reading the particular notification.

    ---> For participating in off-campus you should not have any backlogs in academics,

    ---> Minimum basic knowledge in the technical languages.

    ---> Recruitment process for off-campus is

    Written examination,

    Group discussion,

    Technical interview,

    Interview etc.

    +++ Websites for knowing the off-campus companies notifications are :











    www.papajobs.com etc.

    Thank you...............

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