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    How do i get into Research analysis Wing?

    How do I get into RAW(Research analysis wing) sorry if I have mis interpreted the R in RAW.

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    Re: How do i get into Research analysis Wing?

    RAW stands for Research and analysis wing.RAW is an independent agency.It works in their own way and it works under prime minister office.
    The information interchanged between PMO & RAW, are highly confidential .
    Duties of RAW:
    • RAW is keeping eyes on other countries' developments which is related to India since 1968.
    • RAW agents and officers are posted in every part of the world to serve the nation.
    Recruitment in RAW:
    • RAW does not recruit the candidates directly.
    • They recruit candidates from govt. agencies such as IB(Intelligence bureau), Police services, Armed forces, Administrative services etc.
    • Mostly people are recruited from IB(intelligence bureau)
    • Recently a candidate who qualified in UPSC was recruited in RAW.
    Not only agents work in RAW but clerks, stenographers, analyst, desk officer, accountants, admin officer etc are also recruited there.
    I hope you find this information helpful!!
    All the best!!

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