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    How to clear the Technical Round of data processing jobs in TCS ? Suggest some Tips ?

    How to clear technical round of data processing jobs in TCS? I am failing in this round everytime so if you can ,then provide some tips and tricks to clear this round

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    Re: How to clear the Technical Round of data processing jobs in TCS ? Suggest some Tips ?

    Hello friend

    In these kinds of jobs,the only way to clear the round is to have indepth knowledge of each and everthing related to the job .

    As the technical rounds are obviously getting the technical questions so you need to be well prepared for it .

    You have taken the rounds earlier also so you might have got the experience of what type of questions could be asked.

    SO get yourself prepared for such questions .you can search each and every thing on net so prepare well before the next time.

    All the best

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    Re: How to clear the Technical Round of data processing jobs in TCS ? Suggest some Tips ?

    Dear Friend, What I analysis by your question that you have appeared many time and failed in Technical round so the first step for you is revaluate yourself why you get rejected everytime, if you find out the reason you can correct the same and face interview with more confidence. You have not mentioned your education background. In TCS, the questions asked for non-Computer stream students will be pretty much easy when compared with the Computer stream students. For sure you will get some questions from C, C++ if you are attending a software based companies like TCS but it will be from the very basic and I am sure you must have had a subject on C language . The interviewer will try to find out whether you are interested in computer field and ready to learn things… so you must behave in interview in that way.. Sometimes be aware that there will be questions from your core subjects too if the interviewer is aware of your course.... So prepare your subjects basics too before going to the interview and refer previous year paper of TCS that you can get from freshworld.com .Few of the Technical questions related c,c++,java is given below :-

    Regarding C
    what is void pointer?
    Method Overloading exist in c ?
    What is the difference between C,Java and C++?
    What is SOP?
    What is function?
    What is Recursive function,array,string?

    Regarding C++
    What is difference between C++ and Java?
    What do you mean by multiple inheritance in C++ ?
    What do you mean by virtual methods?
    What do you mean by static methods?
    How many ways are there to initialize an int with a constant?
    What is destructor,constructor,explicit constructor?

    Regarding Java
    What is OOP?
    What is the difference between Java and C?
    What is Class,Object?
    What is Overloading?
    Few general tips are given below :-

    1.Do not hesitate and panic.
    3.Keep your eye in contact with them
    4.Explain each question with an example
    5.Say I don't know what you don't know,They would not mind.
    6.Maintain a time table to allow yourself to devote minimum 6-8hrs per day for the aptitude and technical interview .Study the Syllabus of any of your two basic subjects.Then try to collect the base or main material of any subject.

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    Re: How to clear the Technical Round of data processing jobs in TCS ? Suggest some Tips ?

    Hi Buddy,

    It is a regret but it's pretty sad that you have been failing to clear the technical round. But never the less make sure you perform better next here are some of the tips and suggestions.

    --> The first thing you must know in technical round is that it's completely based on how much technical knowledge you have on that particular job profile.
    --> You'll be having two cases in front of you i.e 1. Interviewer has complete knowledge, 2. Interviewer has some knowledge.
    --> In the first case you must be equal to him as he can ask many questions and get deep into the subject.
    --> With the latter case being the most simple answering the questions and clearing the round.
    --> But you cannot take it as a game hence make sure you're well prepared so that it would help you in making most of it.
    --> Important point in answering the question usage of words that might lead the interviewer to ask another question with the answer you have said.
    --> Diverting the answer or topic will create a wrong impression on you.
    --> The answers must be simple and straight.
    --> You must be confident while answering, eye to eye contact is must.

    If you can follow these points then i'm sure you'll clear the technical round, you have also had many rounds so your experience must help you.
    All the best.

    @ S.Venkateshwarulu

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    Re: How to clear the Technical Round of data processing jobs in TCS ? Suggest some Tips ?

    i am completed btech in cse in 2010 but i have not get any job so what i do?

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