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    How to clear all rounds of placement process to get placed in companies?

    Dear Sir,<br>
    I am studying B.E Biotechnology,<br>
    In my college the placements available for our branch are from only 3 companies ,i.e Infosys,<br>
    Accenture and Cognizant, And till now each company recruited minimum of 3 students from our branch, And i want to be the one amoung them<br>
    Companies are coming to our campus in the month of sept, and i am not yet prepared for this,<br>
    Plz suggest me help so that how can i get placed in any of this companies!!<br>
    and plz suggest me the technical areas which i have to prepare , and how to clear all the 3 round<br>
    so that i can get prepared for campus recruitment as soon as possible..

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