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    How can i join in an Airline with the help of Air Force?

    with the help of indian air force i want to join an airline

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    Re: How can i join in an Airline with the help of Air Force?

    The way :-

    If you take the civilian path, you should definitely begin working on obtaining your private, instrument, commercial, multi-engine, and ATP ratings, generally in that order. You would have to pay for all of that training and flying with other jobs or loans for a while, and then accept fairly poor paying jobs until you have over 1500 hours of flight time. At some point in all of this, you should also get a college degree.

    If you take the Air Force path, you have to get a college degree before you can be commissioned as an officer. Though you do not need to have civilian flight time to take this route, it helps a little bit. If you are selected, the Air Force will actually pay for a little bit of civilian flight training before you start training in military planes. Your undergraduate flight training takes at least a year, at which point a ten-year full-time commitment begins if you are in the active duty. You should steadily accumulate flight experience over those ten years, but the rate may not be as fast as your civilian counterpart who paid his or her dues as described above. You will begin with a fairly decent paycheck - second lieutenant pay in addition to flight pay, and housing and subsistence pay as well as health care from the beginning. This is a lot better than your civilian counterpart is doing while they pay and train through their commercial licenses. You risk getting assigned to unmanned aircraft (drones) or non-flying staff jobs during that time as well.

    A compromise answer is to join an Air National Guard or Air Force Reserve unit that flies big jets like KC-135s or C-17s and see if they will send you to Air Force pilot training after you get your college degree. The great thing about this option is that your training is paid for, you have a good paying job while you are inexperienced, and once you get enough experience to look for civilian airline jobs, you have the freedom to do so and continue to fly for your Guard or Reserve unit part-time. Additionally, you will probably have an "in" with some United Airlines pilots if there are who fly in your Guard or Reserve unit. You have a commitment to the unit who sends you to pilot training, but a lot more flexibility to transition to a grown-up flying job than your active duty counterparts.

    Good luck!

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