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    How can i get scholarship for B.Tech course? How to apply for scholarship exams?

    sir ,
    I am a passed out student of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering.
    now I am going to study in B.Tech.
    how can I get this scholership?
    Please send me the details procedure to how to apply fo this scholership exams and how will I get this scholership price?

    Debojyoti Mitra

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    Pradeep Mehta Pradeep Mehta is on a distinguished road
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    Re: How can i get scholarship for B.Tech course? How to apply for scholarship exams?

    Dear Debojyoti,

    I am listing below names of a few foundations and institutions that offer scholarships to deserving candidates. All relevant details such as eligibility, scholarship amounts are given on the linked pages. Please follow the web link for complete details.

    Indian Institute of Technology, Madras http://www.iitm.ac.in/scholarships
    Uttar Pradesh Technical University http://scholarship.up.nic.in/
    JRE Group of Institutions http://www.jre.edu.in/scholarship.aspx
    Vidya International Charitable Trust http://www.vidyaacademy.ac.in/conten...rships-2012-13
    Various Scholarships http://www.iitk.ac.in/drpg/schol12/sch_detaill1.php
    Sharda University, Greater NOIDA, U.P. http://www.sharda.ac.in/Scholarship

    Best of luck.

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    Re: How can i get scholarship for B.Tech course? How to apply for scholarship exams?

    Hello Friend,

    I can't get your question that what you're talking. As, you said that you're passed out Candidate in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering and Saying that you're going to study B.tech how is that possible a passed out student how can study B.tech.

    As, far my Knowledge a passed out B.tech aspirant can't able to get scholarship from desired state Government as per rules.

    I think you're waiting for your's Backlog clearance then also you can't eligible to get scholarship being Passed out aspirant.
    you can only receive Scholarship if you're in your's academic year and you've completed so not able to get so.

    Any way Scholarships were Granted to Students for pursuance of Higher Education by Indian Government. There were many Scholarships were awarded to Indian Graduates based on their specified Category.

    However, there will be no such exams regarding to Scholarships in B.tech After, getting admission into College you have to Contact the College administrator then fill out an application form and submit to them and they will look after Scholarship process.

    If you didn't get the point, Don't hesitate to ask here again and you must provide relevant details that for which you had not Understanding.

    Hope you Understand, Thank you.................

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