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    How can i get jobs with backlogs in Mechanical Engineering?

    i m dhiraj kumar.i have 11 backlogs .im b.tech final year student of mechanical engineering from PTU university. Kindly someone guide me where i should apply for jobs. i m very depressed bcause i can't even be a part of my colleges placement cell.they required only those students who don't hv any backlogs .
    so plse kindly address me some companies because i also hv a educational loan and i belongs to a poor family. my father is a farmer.

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    Re: How can i get jobs with backlogs in Mechanical Engineering?

    Without clearing your backlogs no company will allow you to aply for jobs to them.
    Even if you apply to companies outside your campus for jobs they will not shortlist you for the Interview.
    The reason being that you have not completed your BTECH.

    So, i would suggest that have patience, first try and clear all your backlog papers.
    It may take time say one year, but once your backlogs are cleared than you will be a BTECH graduate.

    After that you can start applying for the jobs.
    You can apply for the below jobs in the Government sector:
    >> UPSC Indian Engineering Services Exams
    >> IBPS Specialist Officers Exams-Technical Officer Scale 1
    >> IBPS PO exams
    >> UPSC CDS exams
    >> SSC Combined Graduate Level exams

    Also you have to work very hard from now onwards to clear the backlogs and prepare for the Job interviews

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    Re: How can i get jobs with backlogs in Mechanical Engineering?

    Hello Friend,

    It's been very tough time you are facing as you had 11 backlogs in your Engineering Academic year is not Good for your Career. As, It tells that how you are careless about your Studies and Career.

    I don't think none of any Companies were going to hire you having 11 backlogs. In order to attain good Career you need to Clear out all 11 backlogs as soon as possible.

    I think it will require at least two years to clear out all your backlogs. So, In that free time I suggest you to go with any of the Short term Mechanical Courses such as:

    Auto CAD
    Programming in CNC

    which helps you to get a job quickly and also you need to develop your Communicationskills, Technical skills, Problem Solving skills, Leader Ship qualities etc........,

    Also, attend some Workshops, Internprograms related to Mechanical Engineering.

    Hope you Understand, Thank you.........................

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    Re: How can i get jobs with backlogs in Mechanical Engineering?


    There are very less chances that you will get jobs without clearing backlogs.

    All good comapnies check this that you don't have any backlog in your degree.

    So, you should clear these backlogs and then apply for jobs.

    Not only passing the backlogs, but passing with 60% marks is also necessary.

    All top companies like Wipro, Infosys, TCS etc. require first division marks with no backlogs in the degree.

    So, work hard.

    You might face problem to give interview in the companies who do not consider backlogs even once, but there are several other companies, who just require that you pass the degree from a recognised college.

    Even government jobs require graduation pass without any minimum percentage limit.

    There you can apply after completing your course.

    Until you clear all the backlogs, you are not a B.tech.

    So, work hard to clear them with good marks.

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    Re: How can i get jobs with backlogs in Mechanical Engineering?

    Sir i have 2 baclogs in final year ...but i m confident that i can clear in next paper....but my confidence level is going down because of my degree is extended now....sir plz suggest me that what i should dn now..sir i realy needa job...plz pir tdll me is der any possibilities that i can get a job.....?

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