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    How can i apply for Astrophysics after BE (Computer Science) completion? What is the process of applying?

    my self manish joshi of 19 year old. i am the student of computer science & engineering. i don't have interested in this branch. Due to certain reason i have choosen this branch. i am very insterested in astrophysics & my life motto is find the ans. of certain question related to universe.

    1. how the universe is created?
    2. is big-bang theory is correct to explain the formation of universe?
    3. who are we? where we are coming from & where are we going?
    4. can life will exit in other planet also or it can exit in earth only?

    i can also develop the theory that how can we watch our future with the help of astrocomputer.
    plz..will u provide the ans. of my question that how can i applied for astrophysics after studying B.E in computer science & engineering & what is the process for that..????
    plz reply as soon as possible.
    your faithfully -manish joshi

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