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    Guidance for best graduation option for CPL?

    I passed out HSC from Thane, Maharashtra this year.. with PCM score of 93%

    i want to be a commercial pilot (as my main profession)

    my mother is a AME (aircraft maintenance engineer). according to her. it is very risky to be a commercial pilot due to very low job opportunities, current saturation level and medical limitations.

    so we decided to first graduate out first. so that i have a basic degree for my earning (if this pilot idea turns out to be risky)

    all i want to ask is...

    which graduation or diploma (or any other) course should i select. which would give me the best qualification so as to make me eligible for immediate commercial pilot recruitment (after i get my CPL after it) as a priority.

    at the same time. if my pilot interest fails to provide me survival earnings due to lack of job availability or medical limitations (after i take my CPL) the course i do would provide me descent earnings for a standard living.

    so that once i do the course as my graduation... it would add a surplus preference to my better chances of recruitment in airline companies after i get my CPL.

    if any such more preferred course/diploma/engineering exists. please guide me about it

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