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    Good job after post graduate in Sociology?

    I m post graduate in sociology n i want to work with ngo's only in rajasthan so plz suggest me the good job. Thanks


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    Re: Good job after post graduate in Sociology?

    This is really nice that you aspire to devote yourself for the social cause and the betterment of the lower slice of the country.
    hats of to you!

    so you want to work with the NGO n only that too in rajasthan.
    well you can try connect to the well reputed ngo's like teach India , teach for india , etc etc
    they help establish education in rural areas that include the undeveloped areas of rajasthan as well.
    you can get the contact details via. Google and yes they pay good and later once you work with them you would yourself find an everlasting joy and relief.
    moreover this also leads to high people with good contacts later stage.

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    Re: Good job after post graduate in Sociology?

    The scope of sociology is immense. The person that has completed his Masters degree with sociology has a very wide range of option to choose from. As we all know it deals with the study of the social world and the behavior of mankind in a
    variety of situations. It tries to explore the various ways in which
    the social structure groups, organizations, communities, social
    categories (such as class, sex, age, or race), and various social
    institutions (economical, political, or religious) affect human behavior. So you could be-

    ~A career Councillor
    ~A sociologist
    ~A politician
    ~A social adviser in an firm which is better known as business consultant.
    ~You can indulge in Urban social works or military
    ~You can be in Health care sector
    ~You can also work with a NGO
    ~Criminal justice system
    ~Public health and welfare organizations.
    ~You can start your own private business
    ~You can also make your career as a teacher as sociologists understand the social as well as as personal behavior of students more deeply.

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