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    Future of studying an automobile engineering in Germany having a two years of drop?

    hi i am doing engineering in automobile but got a drop in first year but cleared all subjects with an aggregate of 59% and sem 3 percentage comes to 62% but then unfortunately was all down in my sem 4, totally messed up!(waiting for the revaluation) being sane i completely gave up on campus recruitment! i am really interested in Ms in automobile, germany! how is this going to affect my admission process in top/average universities? and do i really need to learn german or is IELTS enough? HELP would be appreciated at the earliest

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    Re: Future of studying an automobile engineering in Germany having a two years of drop?

    My dear the automobile industry is a one of the top running industry at this time and an another is real estate and Infrastructure industry both are at the top now so you are

    doing a very reputed course and also secure for the job also now but something the competition in this industry is much more that other industries but as you are doing this

    from the Germany so it is very good for you because the Germany is at top in this field also as most of the automobile industry are from the Germany now In the market of

    every country .

    My dear if you are further interested in study the MS in the automobile engineering then i would like to tell you as your percentage is something low but not very much low

    now after revaluation if you got good marks then it can be a good news but if not got then i would like to tell you that in the starting two years they do,t effect much more

    degree if you can score about 70-75 or 80 Percentage in last year , That will make your degree about 65-70 percentage and it will very much good for you .

    After it you can go for the further master degree program in Germany very easily . And also can get a very good job .

    My dear after the B.tech from Automobile you can join any company as a-:

    Automobile engineer

    Technical Support

    Automobile Designer

    Tool Designer

    Maintenance Engineer

    Project Manager

    Also you can go in the research department of company as you wish to do MS .

    The Companies in the worldwide that can hire you are -;



    Hero Moto. Corp.

    Tata Motors

    Ashok Leland

    Hyundai Motors Pvt.Ltd.



    Maruti Suzuki



    Johnson and Johnson

    S.A.I.C. Motors

    General motors


    Elfin sports Cars

    Ford Australia

    TAC Motors

    Micro car Pvt.Ltd.

    D.C. Design

    FIAT Motors


    Master Motors


    B.M.W. South Africa


    Thanks have a nice day , I think the information will helpful to you .

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