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    Which field can fetch me good earnings?

    which field fetch me to good earnings?

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    Suraj Singh Suraj Singh is on a distinguished road
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    Re: Which field can fetch me good earnings?

    Dear friend overall if i say than the Engineering and Medical field is the best fields and have a good earing sources fields...
    If you complete your Bachelor engineering than you have so many job opportunities and if you further do your Master degree and than opportunities are greater for you and you can apply for the top companies or also apply in Abroad companies because in Abroad countries they have so many demand of Master degree holders...... But they want some experience so it's better than firstly you can do job in some other places and after got the experience apply for the Abroad companies jobs ...The salary package of such these companies should be so high ranging from 10 Lac to 25 Lac per annum...thank you

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    Paritosh_31 Paritosh_31 is on a distinguished road
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    Re: Which field can fetch me good earnings?

    The best field which can earn u a lot of money is to become a 'baba'. It requires no qualification, only ability to convince people.

    As far as engineering is concerned, all branches have equal weightage, the only thing is ur interest. If u are interested in any specific field of engineering, then with innovation and hard-work u can easily earn fame and money.

    EE,ME are the evergreen branches, their requirement is always there in the industries. On the other hand CS,IT (ECE also to some extent) are such braches which mostly rely on the market scenario. If the market conditon is good, their requirements are more than any other branch, but in case of recession, employees of IT and CS companies are the first one to be kicked out of the companies.

    So choose wisely, and give more preference to ur interest.

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    tonushree_mca09 tonushree_mca09 is on a distinguished road
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    Re: Which field can fetch me good earnings?

    if you have taken science stream in hs then you can best go for engineering and then MBA.you can do engineering in various fields
    1. mechanical engineering
    2. electrical and electronics engineering
    3. aerospace engineering
    4. civil engineering
    5.software engineering
    specially in these areas you can earn money more. after this MBA is not necessary but in the present era it is preferred.
    there are other branches also like :
    1. chemical engg.
    2. food engg.
    3.metallurgical engg.
    alternatively you can also go for bsc.,bca then msc,mba .
    and if you have taken commerce stream then you can do BBA,B.COM then go for CA,MBA.it would fetch you good earning.
    *** one more important thing i would suggest you-
    if you are not interested in the fields which will provide more earning,do not run after it.it may not be worthy for you.go as per your interest

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    arpita_chatterjee arpita_chatterjee is on a distinguished road
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    Re: Which field can fetch me good earnings?

    Dear Friend, You have not mentioned your qualification, you fetch a good earning only when you have good knowlege in your respective field along with soft skills like good communication skill,patience,presence of mind,analytical skills etc..Few field I can suggest like MBA,MCA,Fasion designing these fields are booming these days...All the best!!

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