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    Which field is best in Engineering and has best scope in future?

    hi.. i wanted to know in engineering which field is better in earning high salaries and has good scope in future. i am student of class 10th icse stream i am a good in studies i am very much intrested in science field bcoz.. i love maths science and computer.so please tell me a best career for my future in which i will me getting high salaries. i also came in times of india for making many robots ,gadgets etc.. i also got a title as future scientist..


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    Re: Which field is best in Engineering and has best scope in future?


    First of congrats for winning the tile of future scientist.Your having the knowledge of making robots,gadgets,according this it is better to take Robotic Engineering course.

    The eligibility for Bachelors degree course is 10+2 certification with science background.For joining this course in IITs ,you need to write JEE exam.So take entrance exams like EAMCET,JEE and get good rank and join in reputed colleges for the course

    Best fields of engineering course in terms of higher salary and good future other than Robotics Engineering:-

    Computer Science Engineering
    Mechanical Engineering
    Civil Engineering
    Aeronautical Engineering
    Electrical Engineering

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    Re: Which field is best in Engineering and has best scope in future?

    Hi friend

    The best engineering course currently is

    'Electronics and Communication Engineering(ECE).'

    Next is
    Computer Science Engineering.

    These two have the largest scope and prefeerd by many.
    I ll give some example to illustrate this:

    *One in four students in Anna University Counselling have taken ECE.

    *7 out of first 10 rankers in AU counselling preferred ECE

    *ECE is the first choice locked by most students in the AIEEE choice filling.

    After these the one which has a high scope is
    Electrical and Electronics Engineering

    ALL THE BEST....

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    Re: Which field is best in Engineering and has best scope in future?

    "Best", the word is really difficult to describe because for some people it means something that complements them and for some others it is just in reference with money.
    See, as far as money is concerned, any branch is good, the only thing is you should master it and should have complete knowledge about the subject. According to me if a person is good even at selling vegetables, then he can make it big.

    Now, as you mentioned that you are good in studies and have interest in robotics and mechanics, so i would prefer you to take ECE(Electronics Engg.) or Mechanical, or Automobile Engineering. These branches will best suit your interest. And if you could make some innovative gadgets or designs then my friend, money is immense in these field.

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    lekha207@sasi.ac.in lekha207@sasi.ac.in is on a distinguished road
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    Re: Which field is best in Engineering and has best scope in future?

    hi friend,

    list of top engineering streams with better future:

    1.agriculture engineering

    2.aeronautical engineering

    3.marine engineering

    4.civil engineering

    5.chemical engineering

    6.electronics & communication engineering

    7.electrical engineering


    9.automation engineering

    10.welding engineering

    11.computer science engineering

    12.information technology

    13.software engineering

    14.nuclear engineering

    15.instrumenatation engineering etc.....................

    hope the information is helpful

    cheers honey

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