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    Do companies hire students with academic gap of 4 years?

    do companies hire students with a academic gap of 4 years in engg?

    by the time i complete be il be 26, my question is should i work first or go in for an mba degree

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    Re: Do companies hire students with academic gap of 4 years?

    NO, Dear, I am very sorry to say If your intention is to get jobs in Big MNCs. Last question I answered the same.
    They Do not allow gap more than 1 year..

    ==Eligibility criteria for maximum MNCs

    1.60% Throughout your educational career .
    2.Year gap more than 1year not allowed
    3.No backlogs allowed.

    But You said you are doing MBA during these time. If you include your MBA as a Gap
    then that is wrong . That is not a gap . You are improving your C.V. . So, this will be allowed.

    MBA will boost your career a lot if you can do it under a good universities . Your job type will get changed.You will enter
    to management level .These will also effect on your Salary at a large amount.

    ==Before MBA Posts you can get

    Web Developer
    Web Designer
    Language Socialist
    System Analyst
    Network & Hub Specialist

    Starting with around 15000-40000 range .

    ==After MBA posts you can get

    1) Marketing MBA
    2) Finance MBA
    3) Accounting MBA
    4) e-Business MBA
    5) MBA HR
    6) Technology Management MBA
    7) Project Management MBA
    8) Operations MBA
    9) Leadership MBA
    10) Computer System MBA
    11) Crime Justice MBA
    12) Global Management MBA
    13) Health Care Management MBA
    14) Human Resource MBA


    Your salary will be(if you Doing it form a good university or college) 30000-70000 at start monthly.
    So, If you going for MBA , Go. It's a Good decision .

    Hope I helped YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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