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    Difference between Aerospace, Space Technology, Astrophysics and Space Science? Which field should i choose in M.Tech?

    here is vinit,i am fresh engineering graduate in electronics and i am interested in doing my higher studies so i choose the which is related to space science but i am confused with courses offers by any other institute can you please specify or differentiate about following course which i am going to mentioned.
    1) difference between aerospace & space technology
    2) astrophysics & space science
    3) remote sensing and GIS & rocket engineering
    from all above which branch should select for best career option from above which branch is available in your institute?
    should an electronics aspirant can join this branches?please give me details(fees,duration of course,placements,any entrance exam to crack?when the online commencement will come etc) so that i can remove my confusion as soon as can possible and put some necessary steps in that direction i hope you you will contact as soon as can possible thanking you

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