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    Details about jobs in Agriculture field?

    Details about jobs in Agriculture field?

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    Re: Details about jobs in Agriculture field?


    Jobs in Government Sector

    Jobs for aspirants within the public sector are quite ample. There are many firms that are under the aegis of the Indian government that offer aspirants with jobs of high profiles. With the right qualification, a person can get employed as an Agricultural Research Scientist (ARS). Upon clearing the NET qualification, aspirants can start their career as a lecturer. Besides this, jobs are also available for aspirants as Block Development Officers (BDO) or Agriculture Development Officers (ADO). To get this job, it will be needed by applicants to write an admission test.

    Public Sector Banking Jobs after B.Sc Agriculture

    Jobs for students of B.Sc Agriculture can be got with banks, insurance companies and many other areas.

    Teaching Profession in Government Sector after B.Sc Agriculture

    Aspirants can get employed as teachers with well known institutions such as the Kerala University, the JNU, Annamalai University and the MG University etc. Those who aspire to get jobs as lecturers shall need to have a Postgraduate level degree in the relevant field in addition to a NET or SET degree.

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    Red face Re: Details about jobs in Agriculture field?


    Employment Areas:-

    **> Tea Gardens.

    **> Fruit Orchards.

    **> Research Organizations.

    **> Agricultural Production Centers.

    **> National Seed Companies.

    Govt sectors:-

    **. National seeds corporation Ltd.

    **. Indian Agricultural Research Institute.

    **. State Farms Corporation of India.

    Private Sectors:-

    =: Forestry.

    =: Home Science.

    =: Agriculture Marketing.

    =: Horticulture.

    =: Dairy Farms.

    =: Fisheries.

    =: Veterinary Science.

    =: Animal Nutritionist.

    =: Agriculture Trainee.

    =: Forest Department.

    =: Plant department.

    Salary:-Rs.15,000 to 90,000 per month.

    hope this help u

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