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    Detailed vacancy information on Railways sector? How will i prepare and when will i register for this exam?

    How I will be able to prepare my self for railway exams I how I will come to know about vacancies in railway Tell me the way. and also tell me the procedure for registration for exam and all..

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    Re: Detailed vacancy information on Railways sector? How will i prepare and when will i register for this exam?

    Indian-Railway-2.jpg rrb.jpg

    In Railways you can jobs through the RRB. RRB is the Railway Recruitment Board. There are thousands of applications that comes for the jobs of railways that is why the competition for this exam is a bit more. But if you prepare for it properly then i don't think there will be any problem. There is not just a single RRB. there are 16 regions which have their own RRB. These are-
    1. Gorakhpur
    2. Chandigarh
    3. Ahemdabad
    4. Ranchi
    5. Chennai
    6. J & K
    7. Secunderabad
    8. Thiruvananthapuram
    9. Kolkata
    10. Mumbai
    11. Ajmer
    12. Patna
    13. Bilaspur
    14. Allahabad
    15. GuwahatiBhopal
    16. Bhuvneshwar
    Now talking about the thype of jobs that you want. if you want to have technical job then there is a technical exam for that and if you want a non-techncal one then there isn exam for that too. the eligibilty criteria for the Technical as well asNon-technical are-
    Technical Exam-
    ~10+2 with maths and physics and an ITI degree in Computer Networking/ Data networking/ Electrician
    ~age limit- 18-30 years

    Non-Technical exam

    ~You should have Bachelors degree from any recognised university and typing speed of at least 30 characters/sec
    ~age limit- 18-33 years
    As far as the Selection Procedure is concerned, it is same as in most of the departments that is written test followed by the interview.
    Now coming to the Syllabus for written test. it includes-

    • As the name suggest, this paper will check your general awareness regarding the following issues-
    • Who is Who
    • Awards and Honours
    • Budget and Five Year Plans
    • International and National Organisations
    • Sports
    • Books and Authors
    • Major Financial/Economic News
    • Science - Inventions and Discoveries
    • Abbreviations
    • Current Affairs (National and International)
    • Important Days

    It will check the quantitative and mathematical skills of yours and following is the topics from which the questions asked:
    • Percentage
    • HCF, LCM
    • Mensuration (2D and 3D)
    • Decimal Fractions
    • Ratio and Proportions
    • Unitary Method
    • Data Interpretation
    • Time and Distance
    • Time and Work
    • Profit and Loss
    • Average
    • Simple and Compound Interest
    • Simplification
    • Algebra
    • Number System

    This checks, how much you are sound with your technical knowledge and how much you are able to apply it in your job.


    It will test the reasoning abilities and Gauges aptitude. It includes the following:
    • VERBAL
      • Decision Making
      • Alphabet Series
      • Blood Relations
      • Coding-Decoding
      • Analogy
      • Arithmetical Reasoning
      • Problem on Age Calculation
      • Test of Direction Sense
      • Number Ranking
      • Number Series etc.
      • Embedded Figures
      • Mirror Images
      • Cubes and Dice
      • Non Verbal Series
      • Grouping Identical Figures etc

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    Re: Detailed vacancy information on Railways sector? How will i prepare and when will i register for this exam?

    now rrb do not give any notification about their vacancy

    preparation for RRB exam
    of the most important competitive examinations conducted UPSC
    You should prepare in the subject areas such as General awareness,
    Quantitative Ability, Language and comprehension, Reasoning etc.
    You can refer the previous year question papers for better preparation.
    You should sharpen your time management skills in order to attempt

    best of luckmaximum number of questions in the RRB exam. Try to attend some Mock test also.

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