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    Detailed syllabus of ISRO CSE?

    Hi ..need of ISRO CSE syllabus for "SC" recruitment..had completed engg: 5 years back so i had no idea of the syllabus changed so it would of real help if anyone can provide the exact syllabus for ISRO exam ..thanku//

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    Re: Detailed syllabus of ISRO CSE?

    Hello my dear Aspirant ---

    Yes definitely I understood your Problem and Here I have Provided you the Detailed syllabus about the ISRO for CSE student

    If you go through once you will be getting Good Information about the Syllabus :

    Programming Methodology :

    1. C programming
    2. Program Control
    3. Scope
    4. Binding
    5. Parameter passing
    6. Elementary concepts of Object oriented
    7. Functional and Logic programming

    Compiler Design :

    1. Lexical Analysis
    2. Parsing
    3. Syntax directed translation
    4. Run time environment
    5. Code generation
    6. Linking

    Data Bases :

    1. Relational Mode
    2. Database design
    3. Query Languages
    4. File structures
    5. Transactions and Concurrency Control

    Computer Organization :

    1. Machine Instructions and Addressing Modes
    2. ALU and Data - path
    3. Hardwired and Micro Programmed Control
    4. Memory Interface
    5. I/O interface
    6. Serial Communication Interface
    7. Instruction pipe lining
    8. Cache
    9. Main and Secondary Storage

    Software systems :

    1. Data structures
    2. Notion of abstract data Types
    3. Stack
    4. Queue
    5. List
    6. Set
    7. String
    8. Tree
    9. Binary Search tree
    10. Heap
    11. Graph

    Algorithm and Problem Solving :

    1. Tree and Graph Traversals
    2. Connected Components
    3. Spanning Trees
    4. Short test Paths-- Hashing, sorting, Searching
    5. Design Techniques

    I hope this information will be useful to you

    It was pleasure to help you

    Good luck

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    Re: Detailed syllabus of ISRO CSE?

    hello dear,
    the syllabus for ISRO SC computer science (CSE) is available on the this site:


    or you can directly go to link:


    best of luck.

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    Re: Detailed syllabus of ISRO CSE?

    Hello Friend

    The following syllabus will be covered in the ISRO examComputer hardware and digital logic in this

    Logic functions


    Design and synthesis of combinational and sequential circuits

    Number representation and computer arithmetic.

    In the computer organization

    Machine instructions and addressing modes

    ALU and Data Path.

    Hardwired and Micro programmed control.

    Memory interface,

    I/o interface and serial communication interface.

    instruction pipelining

    Cache, main and secondary storage.

    software systems and data structures:

    notion of abstract data types

    Stack and queue and list, set and string and tree and binary search tree.

    Heap graph.

    Programming methodology

    C programming

    program control and scope

    Binding and parameter passing.

    Elementary concepts of object oriented.

    Functional and logic programming.

    Algorithms for problem solving chapter in

    Tree and graph traversals

    connected components

    spanning trees

    shortest paths

    Hashing sorting

    Searching design techniques.

    In the compiler design

    lexical analysis

    parsing and syntax directed translation.

    Run time environment

    Code generation.


    Operation system chapter

    classical concepts


    threads and inter process communication.

    CPU scheduling

    Memory management

    File systems

    I/o systems

    protection and security

    In the data base chapter.

    relational model

    Database design

    File structures

    Transactions and concurrency control.

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    Re: Detailed syllabus of ISRO CSE?

    Dear Friend, Computer Science Syllabus for ISRO Scientist Exam are mentioned below :-

    (1) Computer H/W Digital Logic:
    Logic functions, Minimization, Design and synthesis of Combinational and Sequential circuits -- Number representation and Computer Arithmetic (fixed and floating point)

    (2) Computer Organization:
    Machine instructions and addressing modes, ALU and Data-path, hardwired and micro-programmed control, Memory interface, I/O interface (Interrupt and DMA mode), Serial communication interface, Instruction pipelining, Cache, main and secondary storage.

    (3) SOFTWARE SYSTEMS Data structures:
    Notion of abstract data types, Stack, Queue, List, Set, String, Tree, Binary search tree, Heap, Graph --

    (4) Programming Methodology:
    C programming, Program control (iteration, recursion, Functions), Scope, Binding, Parameter passing, Elementary concepts of Object oriented, Functional and Logic Programming --

    (5) Algorithms for problem solving:
    Tree and graph traversals, Connected components, Spanning trees, Shortest paths -- Hashing, Sorting, Searching -- Design techniques (Greedy, Dynamic Programming, Divide-and-conquer) --

    (6) Compiler Design:
    Lexical analysis, Parsing, Syntax directed translation, Runtime environment, Code generation, Linking (static and dynamic) --

    (7) Operating Systems:
    Classical concepts (concurrency, synchronization, deadlock), Processes, threads and Inter-process communication, CPU scheduling, Memory management, File systems, I/O systems, Protection and security.

    (8) Databases:
    Relational model (ER-model, relational algebra, tuple calculus), Database design (integrity constraints, normal forms), Query languages (SQL), File structures (sequential files, indexing, B trees), Transactions and concurrency control --

    (9) Computer Networks:
    ISO/OSI stack, sliding window protocol, LAN Technologies (Ethernet, Token ring), TCP/UDP, IP, Basic concepts of switches, gateways, and routers.

    The best for this exam will be :-

    1.Networking - Frouzen and Gilberg.
    2.Operating system and Architecture - D.M.Dhamdhere.
    3.Discrete Matrhematics and Fuzzy Logic - S.Rajsekhran.
    4.Automata - K.L.Mishra.
    5.Compilre Design - William Stallings.
    For any further detail kindly visit - http://www.isac.gov.in/CentralBE/advt.jsp

    All the best!!

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