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    Detailed syllabus for civil branch in BEL for campus recruitment?

    what is the syllabus for civil branch in BEL for campus recruitments???pls provide the papers if any??

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    Re: Detailed syllabus for civil branch in BEL for campus recruitment?

    the syllabus of civil engineering branch for BEL recruitment exam is-

    Concrete Structures
    Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics
    Structural Analysis
    Steel Structures
    Soil Mechanics
    Foundation Engineering
    Water requirements
    Traffic Engineering
    Municipal Solid Wastes
    Highway Planning

    and in Mathematics section , the syllabus is the same as that you have studied in MAthematics-1 ,2,3 in your first two years of engineering.

    some books you can refer for the exam are-

    -Strength of Materials by Gare & Timoshenko

    -Mechanics of Structure - B.C. Punamia

    -Engineering Economy & unsolved Problems on PERT-CPM by U.K. Shrivastav

    -Highway Engineering - Khanna & Justo

    -Building Materials - M.L. Gambhir

    -Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Machines - K.Subramanyam

    -Fundamentals of fluid mechanics- R. K. Bansal

    -Theory of Structures - L.S. Negi & Jangit

    good luck

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    Re: Detailed syllabus for civil branch in BEL for campus recruitment?

    Syllabus for civil engineering

    1 Surveying-principles,classification,mapping concepts,coordinate system,measurement of distance,directions,travelling ,plane table,curves etc

    2 Transportation engineering- Highway engineering,geometric design of highways,paving materials,testing and specification of paving materials,impact of noise,impact test,traffic sign,intersecting designs etc

    3 Pollution- noise pollution,solid waste,air waste ,water pollution ,water treatment principles etc

    4 Water requirement & management-quality,specification,classification,drinking water standards,water treatment operations,sludge disposal,

    5 Irrigation-Duty ,delta estimation of evapo-transpiration,design of lined and unlined canals,gravity dams,water heads,irrigation systems and types,methods of irrigation.

    6 Hydrology-rainfall,evaporation,infiltration,discharge,reserv oir capacity,channel routing etc

    7 Fluid mechanics- Follow RK Bansal ,it's the best book for fluid mechanics

    8 Solid mechanics-stress,strain,theory of failure,torsion,bending of materials,construction materials etc

    9 Foundation engineering.

    10 Structural engineering-steel structures,structure analysis,mechanics for structure deisgn

    11 Manufacturing science

    12 maths

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