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    Which defence job i can get after taking Computer Science in XI class?

    What are the defence job that i can get after taking computer science in class eleven and 12 and also commerce and computer science which one better and easy in this age and also what are the subjects in computer science?

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    Re: Which defence job i can get after taking Computer Science in XI class?

    You will need to apply for NDA after 12th or while being in 12th.You need to be within 16.5-19years.If you are in commerce stream,you will be eligible for only Army wing.But if you are from Science and you have Physics and Mathematics,you will be eligible for Airforce Navy and Army.You need to have scored above 60% in your 12th marks.Computer science as a subject will not give you any separate advantage if you want to get into defence sector at this level.

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    Re: Which defence job i can get after taking Computer Science in XI class?

    dear friend,

    Defense jobs are considered to be the much reputed and popular jobs and the officers engaged in these services too are highly respected one's.

    There are a number of ways to join these defense services as there are different defense services available for an indian person in different areas as like these :

    >>Indian naval forces

    >>Indian army

    >>Indian air forces

    These are some of the most popular and reputed defense services and different exams are conducted to get recruited for these defense services conducted by different commission as UPSC or SSC or many others.

    Ways to join Defense services as :

    1.Joining after 12th

    2.Joining after graduation.

    1.JOining after 12th :

    Joining defense services after 12th standard is one of the most common way to enter into these kind of services.There is an exam named NDA or National Defense Academy conducted by a popular commission named UPSC to recruit candidates into different different defense services.

    To appear for NDA exam,you must have to satisfy some of the important and necessary eligibility conditions as follows :


    1.You must have passed 12th from science stream and from recognized board too.

    2.Your age must be within 16.5 to 19 years to appear for NDA exam.

    3.You must be indian.

    4.You must be unmarried male candidate.

    5.You must be physically and mentally fit.

    good luck !!

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    Re: Which defence job i can get after taking Computer Science in XI class?

    Hi Friend,

    If you have taken Science subjects in your 12th You can apply for Defense sector jobs.
    You have to write NDA exam conducted by UPSC. Through Which you can enter into defense sector jobs like Indian Army, Navy and Air Force.
    Along with this you need to have some qualifications.
    They are
    Your age should be between 16.5-19 years
    You should be unmarried male candidate
    You should be citizen of India.
    You must be physically and Mentally Fit.

    You can apply in the given website

    Thank you
    All the Best.

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    Re: Which defence job i can get after taking Computer Science in XI class?

    After completion of 12th , you can apply for the Various posts as well as NDA exam to join in Defence services

    As you have not taken PCM subjects in 12th , so are only eligible to join in ARMY Wings through NDA exam .

    NDA exam details are given below

    NDA stands for National Defence academy

    To apply for the exam ,
    Age shouldbe in between 16.5 to 19 years
    The candidate shouldbe a citizen of India
    The candidate shouldbe an Unamrried candidate

    ~ Only Unmarried MALE candidates are allowed for the exam

    Female candidates are not eligible for the NDA exam as well as Defence services also with 12th as Qualification . For Female candidates , they should complete Graduation to join in Defence services

    Selection process of NDA exam is ,

    ~ written exam

    ~ SSB Interview

    ~ medical test

    Exam Syllabus is ,

    ~ General Ability - 600 marks

    ~ Maths - 300 marks

    Apart from the NDA exam , you can apply for the postof LOWER DIVISION CLERK in Army

    You can apply for the post of STENO GRADE-2 in Army

    All the best

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    Re: Which defence job i can get after taking Computer Science in XI class?

    Hello Friend,

    First, you've to decide which Career option you want to take as per your Interests. Before, Deciding Contact professional and other friends and take their reviews to have a better career.

    As, you want to make your Career in Defense Sector. But, with your Computer science in 12th you can Only Eligible for ARMY Sector only. where NAVY, AIRFORCE needs Maths, Science as Compulsory Subjects in 12th.

    Firstly, you have to Appear for NDA(National Defense Academy) Exam. Being in 12th Standard or After Completion of 12th Standard.


    > The Aspirant must qualify in 10+2 Level which was recognized from any Board.

    > Age Limit: 16.5 -19 years old.

    > Only Unmarried Males, Girls not allowed

    > Must be Citizen of India.

    As, you can Apply for NDA-II Exam where the application has to be announced Check out http://www.upsc.gov.in/exams/exams.htm

    As, you had asked about Commerce and Computer science Careers. In, my point of view they both had their own values which will helps to build a better career.

    where, both the fields are irrelated to each other. As, the Commerce deals with Accounts and Computer Science deals with Programming Languages.

    According to your Interests you can Choose the Course. Both courses are tough to learn because they were completely new apart from School studies.

    Computer Science Subjects in 12th standard as per new syllabus 2013-2014:

    > Object Oriented Programming in C++
    > Data Structure
    > DBMS and SQL
    > Networking and Open Source Software
    > Boolean Algebra.

    After, pursuing Computer science in 12th. I suggest you to take CSE in B.tech which would be more easy and Beneficial to study.

    Hope you got it. Thank you....................

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