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    Which companies recruit B.Tech students with 3 years academic year gap between 12th and graduation?

    sir i have 3 yrs yr gap. I have complted 10 th exam in the yr of 2002. with 57%. Then I have completed 2 in 2007 with 47% which one is 3 year gap and also very less percentages.Then I have admitted B.Tech 2007.Finally I will complete B.Tech 2011. So sir give me suggestion. which type of company can i allow ? I am really frastred.I am tensensed about my carrier. Pls sir tell me what i will do? i wll be waiting for ur reply.

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    Re: Which companies recruit B.Tech students with 3 years academic year gap between 12th and graduation?

    If the reason is a valid one like the one you mentioned then it will not matter much.

    See, the academic gap that comes in any student's life affect his chances of getting jobs if he/she is thinking of joining a private firm.
    In private organizations various factors along with these are concerned because there are many applicants and they have to choose among them. The other factors which the private firms put emphasis on-

    1) Your high school and intermediate percentage.

    2) Your b.tech percentage.

    3) Extra activities.

    All these things are considered by the private industries because they don't conduct a very difficult preliminarily test and for them the interview is the only thing.

    As far as public sector industries are concerned, they don't go into all this. If you ha cleared the written test and the interview, you will definitely get the jobs. In those jobs, only your knowledge speaks for you. If you have taken academic gap for preparing for any sort of exam or for any kind of entrance then it will be considered as "OK" and it will not affect you at all.

    Usually private companies set the limit of academic gap to 3 years, so you can definitely apply in private companies like TCS, Infosys, IBM, Wipro, HCL, Samsung, Accenture and there are many more.

    But yes, if your reason proved to be wrong and you were found in any kind of some criminal activities or some kind of suspicious one then you will nowhere be bearable.

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