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    For which companies can i apply after 64.5% till 6th semester in B.E?

    i m in B.E final yr. right now in 7 th semester in electronics and communication ..
    my anerage percentage till 6th semester is 64.5% and aggregate is 65.4%..
    plz tell me in which companies i can apply... give the best suggetion.........

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    Re: For which companies can i apply after 64.5% till 6th semester in B.E?

    Hi friend,

    Any of the company would ask for 60 to 65% in order to take into their firm.

    But the companies that come for ON Campus would only take the students those who are in their 7 th semister.

    Most of the software companies like TCS, INFOSYS, MAHINDRA SATYAM, would recruit the last semister students only from the colleges.

    Most of the govt sector companies are also recruiting the students who are in their last semister.

    so prepare well for the entry level tests, have good knowledge in the aptitude and communication.

    You can apply in companies like:-

    1. Infosys.

    2. TCS.

    3. Wipro.

    4. Mahindra satyam.

    5. CISCO.

    6. CMC.

    7. HP.

    8. L&T.

    9. Samsung.

    10. Accenture.

    11. IBM.

    12. Google.

    13. Facebook.

    14. yahoo.

    15. Igate Patni.

    Hope i have helped you in getting relevant information.

    All the best

    THanking you..

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    Re: For which companies can i apply after 64.5% till 6th semester in B.E?

    Hello Friend,

    You had some decent percentage over your academic year and still one more semester to go so, be confident and try to improve your Skills and Project work. Being, ECE aspirant you had many employment opportunities in and allover India.

    well, After completion of course you can apply for both Government and private sectors for employment else you can go for higher studies(M.tech). Coming to employment firstly, you can see for Government opportunities and you can apply for:

    Railway Departments
    PSU's - SAIL,BHEL,HAL,ECIL etc....,
    Defense Services
    Civil Services
    Government Institutions & Research Centres etc.....,

    You can also had good employment opportunities in Private sectors especially at IT firms and other MNC's you can have better career and you can apply for Companies like:

    Hewlett Packard
    LG etc.........,

    As, you had to decide at which Career you want to make as per your Interest at field proceed. But, Make sure to develop Communication skills, Problem Solving Skills, Aptitude & Logical skills, Leadership qualities etc..,

    I suggest you to do SAP course which had great scope in future which helps to get a job quickly. If you're Interested to continue your studies then take GATE exam for M.tech Admission. But, I advice first get work experience for couple of years then continue M.tech will be good choice.

    Hope you Understand, Thank you..........,

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