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    Which companies allow students having backlogs for their recruitment?

    I am Alex and i am studying in gitam university in visakhapatnam. I have taken cse as my branch and i am having 1 backlog in the 6th semester. Now i am in seventh semester and the compus recruitment is going to start in august. Please tell me are there any companies which allow students having 1 backlog. I am having 75% till 5th semester. Also can you please tell me whether i am eligible for amazon placement.

    Thanks in Advance

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    Re: Which companies allow students having backlogs for their recruitment?

    Dear Alex, Donít worry about backlog as you have only 1 backlog, if your backlogs are very high in numbers than it can affect your application for job. Even your overall percentage is good than it won't affect much in general, though it may not affect your placement it can effect much on your salary package as a fresher ,as normally fresherís having good academic records normally receive higher package. Most of the company doesnít matter about this. If your profile is quite enough for their demands it couldnít affect. But sometimes company ask the only reason then you have to justify with a smart answer. So be confident on your skills. Try to improve your academic percentage and also your technical and logical skills. Here is the list of companies which allow after 1 backlog :-









    ALL THE BEST..........

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    Re: Which companies allow students having backlogs for their recruitment?

    My dear as if you want to join the Private sector jobs then Backlogs are not a big problems for this you should have full knowledge

    about your work as you have only one backlog that is mostly common in many of the private organizations because they will see

    your work ability and skills if you have that then the Backlog is not a problem .

    You should have following skills for the such companies as -;

    Knowledge about programing languages





    Soft communication skills .

    Time management should be good because the time is much important .

    should be aware about the daily changing in the international market .

    Companies that can hire you are -:

    ** Wipro

    ** I.B.M.

    ** Microsoft

    ** H.C.L.

    ** H.P.

    ** Toshiba

    ** Infosis

    ** Dell

    ** Samsung

    ** Nokia

    ** Apple

    ** Reliance communication

    ** B.S.N.L.

    Thanks have a nice day .

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    Re: Which companies allow students having backlogs for their recruitment?

    are you sure microsoft ,apple ,ibm ,hp are allowing 1 backlog

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