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    Can my son pursue Medical course after Overseas Citizen of India registration? Is he eligible for writing AIPMT exam?

    Dear Sir

    My son is studying in CBSE board of education in Chennai, India. He is in X std and want to persuade his higher education in Medical.

    Though my son is Indian Born, due to my nature of work travelling / staying in UK; he was studying in UK for quite a while. Due to the need we had to take UK citizenship and he is currently British Citizen through Naturalization. We also have Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) registration just before relocating back to India, as we have relocate to India for personal reasons. This allows him to stay & study in India as a normal citizen.

    In the current context I need the following clarification which will help me.

    1. What options does he has to persuade his ambition in Medical Profession in India.

    2. Is he eligible to take up AIPMT exams to persuade his ambition in Medical Profession in India through AIPMT colleges?

    3. If yes, will he be falling under General Category as normal Indian citizen?

    4. If No, will he be eligible under special category such as NRI or Foreign Nationals?

    Please provide your clarification. Awaiting your early response.


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