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    Can i join Marine Department as Lecturer after completion of M.Tech (Marine Engineering Management)?

    I'm a Marine Engineer with Certificate of Competency (Marine Engineer Officer) MEO Class IV obtained from India and having 3 ship's experience in working with Engines and its related Machinaries. Previously, i am a graduate in Marine Engineering i.e B.E (Marine Engineering). Now i had decided not to go for sailing and that too i dont like to stay away from my family. I wish to do M.Tech (Marine Engineering Management) in AMET University and become a Lecturer/Professor. (M. Tech. Marine Engineering Management i.e Only one course available as Master degree in this Marine Engineering branch among overall Universities in Tamil Nadu). Is that possible to become a Professor for this department after completing my M.Tech?
    At present the Chief Engineers having Certificate of Competency MEO class I and Sea service as Chief Engineers are only allowed to take lectures and designated as Professors. Now my question is, Is there a way to join as a Lecturer right now in any maritime institution? If not, Is there a way to join as a Lecturer after completing M. Tech i.e Master Degree? or-else can't I become a Lecturer unless i get MEO class I but completing M. Tech?
    I think sea service as Chief Engineer with MEO Class I, is not mandatory to join as Lecturer because it is needed only for Maintenance Engineer job on Ships and i think Completing M. Tech is enough to join for teaching profession.
    I am too much confused because the system and procedure are not like other Engineering branches and here, these things are different.
    Please suggest me, Any how i need to change my profession as Lecturer in Marine Department at institutions and grow up to Senior Professor by doing P.hd in the same branch. Not at all willing to go to ship. So Please...... Awaiting for your reply soon.

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