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    Can i be an Engineer if i opt for Science in 11th?

    Hello Sir,
    I am a Student and I finished My 10th.I wanted to know that in 11th if I opt for Science(with Physical Education & Computer Science),Can I be an Engineer? Will I have a good future?
    Please give me some suggestions as I am really tensed.
    Thank You,
    Ikhlas Khan

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    M.Rama Devi M.Rama Devi is on a distinguished road
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    Re: Can i be an Engineer if i opt for Science in 11th?


    Yes,for doing any engineering course taking science group in intermediate is compulsory.For most of engineering courses Maths subject in intermediate is also important.So first decide your future goal,based on that take course in intermediate.

    After completion of intermediate you need to entrance exams for joining engineering course.There are many engineering courses available some of them are

    Computer Engineering
    Civil Engineering
    Mechanical Engineering
    Chemical Engineering
    Aerospace Engineering/Aeronautical Engineering
    Marine Engineering
    Electronics and communication Engineering
    Electrical Engineering
    Agricultural Engineering

    ->Intermediate marks and rank in entrance exam for engineering course decide your college.For getting admission in good college, try to secure good marks in intermediate and good rank in entrance exam

    *** All the best ***

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    Re: Can i be an Engineer if i opt for Science in 11th?


    No only a science subject can not alone help you. The eligibility criteria of Engineering says something else so first of all have a look over it.


    A candidate must be 12 class pass student
    12th class must be passed from a recognized Board
    Maths and Physics should be compulsory subject for the candidate
    Good Communication skills
    Good entrance exam score is also required

    So dear if you want to go for Engineering then Mere science Subject will not work and you have to go for Science Maths as your subject in Class 12th and after that only you will be able to apply for the entrance exam of Engineering

    Main entrance exam are :-


    Hope it will help


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    Re: Can i be an Engineer if i opt for Science in 11th?

    To become an engineer the first step is to take the subjects Physics, chemistry and Mathematics in class 11th and 12th.
    Also try to score atleast 60% marks in your 12th class

    After this you have to appear in the Engineering Entrance tests like:
    >> ISEET
    >> State Level engineering test from the state to which you belong
    >> BITSAT-For BITSAT you need to score more than 75% marks in aggregate in class 12th in the subjects Phy, Che and Maths

    Based on the rank obtained in these tests you would be called for Counselling.
    In counselling you would be alloted college and trade of engininnering like:
    >> Mechanical
    >> Computer
    >> Electronics
    >> Civil

    Also try to study well in thse two years

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    Re: Can i be an Engineer if i opt for Science in 11th?

    Hello Friend

    1)IF you want to become an engineer you will take MPC in 11th standard.

    2)After 10th you will choose the course MPC.

    3)The eligibility to do an Engineer is after competed 12th standard

    4)And also you are must attempt in EMCET.

    5)After completing EMCET exam they will give rank for you.

    6)You will choose you branch and course by using your rank.

    This is the procedure to join the Engineering course

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    bharathkumar bharathkumar is on a distinguished road
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    Re: Can i be an Engineer if i opt for Science in 11th?

    Hello friend,

    As you are from the back ground of science i cant say that you are not eligible to become an Engineer , but not only science as your stream you need to have other optional subjects ,...

    Eligibility :


    18 above

    Education :

    12th standard .. with the stream of maths Physics and chemistry..

    Entrances :

    All engineering universtiy Entrances

    AIEEE (All India Engineering Entrance Exam)

    IIT-JEE (Indian Institute of Technology - Joint Entrance Exam)

    Duration :

    4 years

    Courses :

    Computer science

    Electrical & electronics Engineering

    Electronic & communication Engineering

    Information Technology

    Aeronautical Engineering

    Mechanical Engineering

    Civil Engineering

    Chemical Engineering

    Automobile Engineering

    Instrumental Engineeering

    Architecture .

    These are all the courses you can join after completion of 12th..

    Hope this is useful to you


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    tonushree_mca09 tonushree_mca09 is on a distinguished road
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    Re: Can i be an Engineer if i opt for Science in 11th?

    Yes you have to take Science as your stream in class XI to be an eligible candidate to sit for the different competitive exams for doing Engineering some of the exams are AIEEE,WBJEE,JEE Main.etc.,after getting good ranks in these type of exams you can take admission in Engineering colleges and after that you have to choose your stream such as: IT,CS,EEE,ECE,Civil,Mechanical,Aeronotical,Minning ,Chemical,Marine,Agricultural.
    All the best

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    Re: Can i be an Engineer if i opt for Science in 11th?

    Actually taking science only in your intermediate is not enough to do the engineering in future,
    You must have PCM as your main subject in 12th then only you can appear in the entrance exam of Engineering.......
    Not only this much rather you must have to score more than 60% percent marks in your 12th.......
    There are so many engineering entrance exam but among the most famous one are IIT and AIEEE........
    If you want be a good engineer then prepare well for these exam.......
    Along with IITs and NITs there are some of the good private college also from where you can pursue this course and become an Engineer.......

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    Re: Can i be an Engineer if i opt for Science in 11th?

    dear friend,

    Engineering is considered as one of the best courses among all the courses present in the whole world and there are a number of job sectors under engineering services as under government sectors as well under private sectors too.

    There are a number of sub areas or fields present under engineering courses ,among which you may opt any of the oe engineering field which all have brilliant an tremendous scope in the today's technical market.

    To join any of the engineering colleges,you must have to go through certain entrance exams and on the basis of the marks and cut-off in that entrance exam,you engineering college will be selected among a number of collegs.

    List of entrance exams are as follows :

    Karnataka CET

    List of top 10 engineering colleges in india are as follows :

    1. Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur

    2.Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi

    3.Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Mumbai

    4.Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur

    5.Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras

    6.Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee

    7. Institute of Technology Banaras Hindu University (BHU-IT) Varanasi

    8.Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) Pilani

    9.Delhi Technological University (DTU), Delhi

    10.National Institute of Technology (NIT), Tiruchirapalli

    Top engineering fields are as follows :

    Aeronautical / Aerospace Engineering
    Architecture & Construction
    Automobile Engineering
    Telecommunication Engineering
    Electronics and Communication Engineering
    Computer Engineering
    Electrical Engineering
    Civil Engineering
    Mechanical Engineering
    Bio-Medical Engineering
    Industrial Engineering etc.

    best of luck !!

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    Re: Can i be an Engineer if i opt for Science in 11th?

    Science stream in 12th can be further subdivided into two parts-PCM and PCB where P=Physics,C=Chemistry,M=Maths and B=Biology.You should have science stream with PCM if you wish to get into engineering.
    You need to have PCM minimum to opt for engineering.You can have Biology as extra subject but that will not be needed I guess as you have already told about your choice of additional subjects.You start preparing for entrance from now onwards as time will flow very quickly in atleast 11th class.All the best

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    navjotsidhupamal navjotsidhupamal is on a distinguished road
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    Re: Can i be an Engineer if i opt for Science in 11th?

    My dear friend,

    As you have just completed your 10th and now you want to take science in 11th class then it is well and good my friend because it has great scope in the future and it is on high demand.


    There are lots of courses for which you can go after completion of 12th with non-medical.The name of the graduation courses are as follows:

    Courses after 12th with Non-Medical:

    6.B.Sc Honors

    You can go for engineering after giving the AIEEE entrance exam.AIEEE stands for all india engineering entrance exam and now it is come in the form of JEE(joint entrance exam).There are lots of streams in engineering and you can choose any one from them according to your choice and interest.Here is the list of streams in engineering:-

    Streams in engineering:

    1.Computer science engineering
    2.Information technology
    3.Civil Engineering
    4.Mechanical Engineering
    5.Aeronautical Engineering
    6.Food technology
    8.Electrical Engineering
    9.Electronics and communication Engineering
    and many more.

    Thank u!!

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