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    Can i change position from Operation to Business Development? Will it have any kind of negative impact on my future?

    Someone please post your views and suggestions about my position change.

    I am having 6 years experience as an operations Manager in the KPO (Medical coding and Billing) and Last July I resigned my Job and joined in a start-up company as a business development executive. Since my role and responsibilities are totally different such as identification of potential leads, creating data base, lead qualification, making cold calls, fixing appointment with prospects and writing proposals etc..
    I am finding this job is more interesting and I can able to see some traction in this business. But, some of my colleagues (in my previous company) are saying that changing the career in the age of 30 will have negative impact when I search for jobs in this field.. Anyhow I worked for more than 5-6 months in this position and still continuing in the same company..

    Can you anyone let me know changing the position from operations to business development, will it have negative impact in my future jobs?

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