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    Can i change my stream to Civil from CSE in B.Tech degree??

    i have completed 3 years diploma in computer science engineering as there is lack of IT jobs, can i change my stream to civil in btech

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    Re: Can i change my stream to Civil from CSE in B.Tech degree??

    So you are a CS diploma holder and want to change your stream to civil.Sorry dear,you can change your stream on one condition that you have to start your btech in Civil from 1st year as a fresher.You can't take lateral entry in second year of B.tech.

    If you want lateral entry in Btech you can't change your stream as per UGC and AICTE guideline.

    If you take admission in Btech civil as a fresher your three years of diploma will be wasted.

    My suggestion is for you that do not change your stream.Do work on your programming or database skills.This is only a rumor that IT market is not providing job.The reality is that a number of freshers are getting jobs in various MNC companies every year.

    Do not think that you will not have to face competition in other fields.You have to hard work in every field.You will need skills in every field.

    So don't spoil your three years hard work.
    Best of Luck

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    Re: Can i change my stream to Civil from CSE in B.Tech degree??

    If you want to get admission into B.Tech Civil after completing Diploma CS,you need to again start off as a Intermediate pass candidate and again have to start from 1st year of B.Tech.Your CS diploma will be useless then if you go through this way.You can not take admission into Lateral entry schemes of colleges in different courses.Your entrance exam will be from your own core papers.There is no shortage of jobs in CS for which you have to completely destroy your 3years of diploma.Better would be to go for a B.tech in CS only and do not waste your life

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    Re: Can i change my stream to Civil from CSE in B.Tech degree??

    I am going to complete B.Tech 2nd year in Civil Engineering. In which way I can change my engineering stream? If it is possible to change the stream?

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